Support Portals

Create custom Portals for each customer channel or product you support. Each public site contains multiple whitelabel customer-facing elements.

Customizable IT Support Portal

Customize Support Portals for Each Supported Brand or Customer
Customize Support Portals for Each Supported Brand or Customer

BeyondTrust lets your support center create custom Portals for each customer*, group or product you support.

With Portals, you can eliminate phone support and drive support requests to the web altogether.

Portals contain multiple customizable elements: public sites, agreements and messages, customer client, exit surveys and customer downloads.

With BeyondTrust, even IT outsourcers with multiple business customers can create a custom user experience for each customer.

Customize the Public Support Website

Customized Support Portal

The public site is the primary component of your support portal. This is where customers can request support or join a training session. You can configure multiple public sites for your BeyondTrust appliance. Each public site contains multiple customizable elements.

Customize the HTML Templates

Customize your public site's HTML and CSS to be consistent with the rest of your web site.

Upload Template Files to the File Store

Store files you need to reference from your HTML template, such as image files and style sheets.

Define Remote Support Connection Options

Determine what options end-users have for beginning a support session.

  • Session Keys: Customers connect to specific technicians by submitting a unique, secure session key.
  • Representative List: Customers connect to specific technicians by clicking a representative's name
  • Front-end Survey: Customers connect to specific technicians or teams after entering their name, company and a description of the problem.
  • Presentations: Customers can also join a presentation by clicking on a presentation link or submitting a session key.
  • Click-to-Chat: Customers can begin a conversation with a support rep without any download by initiating a Flash-enabled chat session.

Customize the Support Agreements and Messages

With BeyondTrust, you can configure a number of messages for the customer you support. You also can choose to display a watermark on both the customer's and the representative's screen while the customer is in session.

Customer Agreement

Display a legal agreement, disclaimer or policy to end-users before they begin a support session.

Customer Greeting

The greeting welcomes your customer and requests him or her to wait for the next available support representative.

On Hold Message

Configure an on-hold message to display at specified intervals before the session begins.

Orphaned Session & URL

If no technicians are available to help the customer, the orphaned session message alerts the customer, and the URL option can then redirect the end-user to a designated site.

Exit Surveys

You can choose to present customers and technicians with an exit survey after the each support session is complete. Surveys can be customized for each public site. Administrators can later review the answers to survey questions from the session reports.

Multiple Languages

Messages can display in each language available on your appliance. BeyondTrust currently supports German, English, Latin American Spanish, EU Spanish, EU French, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, EU Portuguese, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Customer Notices

Help desks can be inundated with support sessions caused by a larger IT outage, skewing key metrics such as abandon rates and customer satisfaction. With BeyondTrust, managers can configure relatively short messages for one or more public portals, providing end-users a link to click acknowledging they were seeking support for the large-scale issue, ending their session and noting the reason.

Customize the Chat Window, BeyondTrust Buttons and Downloads

Customer Client

The full customer client is your end-users' interface once a support session has begun. During the session, customers can chat with technicians, select which applications to share and send files through the customer client, and change the font size of the chat display. You can upload an image to display in the customer client so that customers see your brand.

BeyondTrust Buttons

The BeyondTrust Button is a customizable icon you can place on a customer’s remote desktop, smartphone or application. Like other white-label BeyondTrust interfaces, you can replace the default BeyondTrust Button with an icon that matches your brand to reinforce your brand with customers.

Customer Downloads

You can also choose to let customers view or download a copy of their chat transcript and a video of their support session, building trust with your customers and ensuring repeat business.

Custom Watermark

Personalize the watermark visible in a support session that indicates that someone is in session and can remotely see their screen.

Rep Profile Photos

Upload a rep's profile photo to the BeyondTrust user account, either manually or by association with an LDAP account with an existing photo.