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Remote Support with Advanced Control

BeyondTrust Remote Support features include remote control, screen sharing, unattended access, and annotations. New features like file and camera sharing, give technicians a one-stop tool to support end-users devices. Our remote support software is designed to virtually replicate an in-person remote support experience.

Provide support anytime, anywhere with the BeyondTrust thick client, browser based console, or mobile app.

Scale Effectively and Efficiency

BeyondTrust Remote Support seamlessly integrates with external directories, like LDAP, so you can manage users, groups, and permissions using existing administrative processes.

With Remote Support, manage unattended access to hundreds or thousands of systems as your IT infrastructure grows, and create mass installer packages for both Representative Consoles and unattended endpoints.

Features like Remote Support Chat, skills based routing, canned scripts, and escalation protocols ease technician workflows, reduces the amount of manual connections and support tickets your team must manage.

Replace RDP, VNC, and Other Hard-to-Audit Remote Desktop

End users can initiate support requests from your support portal, Windows applications, or BeyondTrust. You can also control remote desktops to start a support session. Using BeyondTrust's patented Jump Technology, gain access to unattended systems on unknown networks without a VPN.

BeyondTrust integrates with existing ITSM deployments and ticketing solutions, including ServiceNow. Details about every remote session are automatically tied to the incident record in the platform.

Secure Team & Permissions Administration

Gain Immediate Access to Security Controls

Implement security across your service desk with granular role and permissions setting, and session policies.

BeyondTrust Remote Support enforces least privilege and ensure technicians have just the right amount of access needed for their role. Collaboration and escalation enables technicians to engage with support requests instantly, or pass support requests up the chain to a higher tier of service without causing a disruption in the session.

Use your existing AD or LDAP to create and manage Remote Support users—no repetitive administrative tasks necessary.

Security Comes Standard with Native 2FA

Implementing multi factor authentication gives confidence in the connections your technicians and administrators are making everyday. BeyondTrust Verify is a TOTP native 2FA capability that can be enabled for any Remote Support user and further verifies the identity of users before a Remote Support session is launched.

Seamless Credential Injection™

When BeyondTrust Remote Support is integrated with the BeyondTrust Vault or BeyondTrust Password Safe, users can directly inject credentials into end servers and systems with just one click.

Since the user never sees the plain text credentials, they can’t compromise them, greatly increasing security. Improve productivity by allowing administrator accounts to access systems with just the click of a button—no more wasted time finding or tracking down credentials.

Face Compliance Regulations with Confidence

Automatically record all session activity, monitor activity in real time, and produce a detailed audit log for your next audit, training session, or presentation without hindering service desk processes.

Easily produce attestation reports that identify unique users, show which systems were connected, and delineate what actions were taken over the remote connection.

If your business is subject to GDPR, Remote Support obtains and captures end user consent before a session starts.

Brand & Customize Your Remote Support

Build brand awareness and trust with your end users by customizing and branding your support experience. Features such as a branded portal, support invitations, custom watermark, logo upload, and end-of-session surveys give you better control of brand perception by your end users.

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