Secure Privileged Access
Control and secure who has access to your cloud environments, accounts, and resources. Centralize entitlements, permissions, and more.
Least Privilege Posture
Attain least privilege and remove excessive local administrator rights across Windows, macOS, and Linux/Unix devices without impacting productivity.
Reduced Vendor and Remote Access Risks
Secure all remote privilege access including 3rd parties, vendors, and internal users without relying on a VPN or open connection.

Increase security and operational efficiency across complex cloud infrastructure.

Secure Remote Access
Connect securely, seamlessly, and from anywhere to critical IT systems, cloud applications, and OT systems—no VPN required.
Protection Scaled to Your Infrastructure
Automate the management of identities and assets across your entire cloud footprint
Endpoint Privilege Risk Reduction
Remove local admin rights fast, improve the end-user and admin experiences, and greatly reduce IT service desk tickets.
Balanced Productivity & Privilege
Enforce least privileged access by giving users the exact level of remote access they need—and only for the finite moments needed.
Zero Trust Fundamentals
Give just enough access, at just the right time, to only the appropriate application or process.
QuickStart Deployment Options
Use pre-built, QuickStart policies informed by insights from thousands of deployments to make rapid, high-impact leaps in risk reduction.

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