Use Cases

Proactive Threat Detection
Simulate potential attack vectors to identify weak spots. Minimize access to outside networks. Examine & verify communication paths
Vulnerability Management & Analytics
Get a risk-based view of your IT, security and compliance posture so you can quickly identify and investigate
Secure Remote Access
Enable safe remote access to critical OT environments and industrial networks –without a VPN

Core Integration Features

Threat detection, vulnerability management, and secure remote access for OT/IT.

Policy-Based Access Controls
Implement strong, unphishable MFA and policy-based access controls to ensure hightrust authentication for admin accounts.
Identity Security Beyond Authentication
Establish identity before privileged actions on an endpoint are allowed using a frictionless step-up authentication.
Zero Trust Foundation
Create a zero-trust PAM architecture. Eliminate standing user and device privilege unless it meets security policies.
Endpoint Privilege Management
Ensure only devices that meet the company’s security policy have access to admin accounts.
Embedded Credential Elimination
Eliminate passwords and the corresponding vulnerabilities from privileged accounts

Integration Highlights

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Extend privileged access security best practices beyond the perimeter by controlling, managing, and auditing remote privileged access.
Enable secure remote access to critical OT systems to maintain productivity and business continuity.
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