Cloud Security Risks Are Rising

In 2022, enterprises are expected to host 57% of their workloads in the cloud; for SMBs, it’s closer to 70%. But this cloud adoption trend also creates unique security challenges.

BeyondTrust Cloud Privilege Broker (CPB) is an entitlements and permissions management solution that enables customers to visualize and manage cloud access risk in hybrid and multicloud environments—all from a single interface.

Centralize Entitlements and Permissions Across Clouds

Cloud Privilege Broker Screenshot

Each cloud service provider has its own access management tools, but they only manage their own environments and do not scale to cover others. This leaves teams to swivel from console to console, attempting to manage permissions separately for each cloud provider, with different ways to apply policy from one platform to the next.

Cloud Privilege Broker centralizes visualization of entitlements and permissions across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and other platforms—meaning you can finally enforce least privilege across multi-cloud infrastructure.

Key Features for Cloud Privilege Broker

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