Service desks face an increasingly complex IT support environment. Most remote access tools and technologies just can’t keep up with the expanding set of modern IT support use cases, and they weren't built to address today’s security concerns. This has led organizations to use a patchwork of legacy solutions to meet their combined IT support and security needs. This not only compromises productivity by creating workflow inefficiencies, but it also creates security gaps that threaten your network.

You need fast, reliable IT support solutions that can scale with your organization and enable you to securely support the desktops and devices in your network. BeyondTrust Remote Support provides the most complete and secure solution.

"Given Chili Security’s rapid growth, we estimate that if we hadn’t made the switch to BeyondTrust, we would need four times the employees we have now to service our expanding customer base. BeyondTrust’s automated features make it possible for each technician to handle more jobs, reducing labor costs."

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  1. Provides fast remote assistance to any desktop, server, or mobile device, with screen sharing and remote control
  2. Logs all session activity for a complete audit trail, with real-time reporting
  3. Uses chat support to increase support staff productivity and end user satisfaction
  4. Performs remote support on anything your customer can see, including hardware and peripherals
  5. Enables collaboration between technicians, developers, and outside vendors in shared sessions for faster incident resolution
  6. Secures, manages, rotates, and administers shared credentials for privileged users
  7. Integrates with CRM and ITSM tools to unlock powerful synergies and provide a holistic support solution
  8. Helps you satisfy audit and compliance requirements, quickly and effectively

Provide secure, unattended access for a single endpoint, or for many

Often, support must be performed on devices, applications, and systems without a human operator present on the support target. In these cases, a certified IT specialist can provide unattended support by remotely gaining access to the piece of equipment or machinery, troubleshooting, and even resolving the issue without requiring a technician on site, or an end user on the device. Unattended support can be used for anything from issuing mass updates to endpoints, to troubleshooting an unattended server, to problem-solving an issue with a piece of machinery at a remote location.

BeyondTrust support enables secure, unattended access capabilities to allow you to provide updates and troubleshooting for a single endpoint or for many.

Provide secure access--without a VPN

Having some sort of remote access is non-negotiable for almost every organization’s IT processes. Remote workers, third parties, vendors, and others need to access your systems from outside the firewall. The legacy solution to this challenge was to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). But some of the most notorious data breaches can be traced directly to VPN exploitation.

VPNs present a constant security challenge for infosec teams. VPNs act as both a front door and backdoor to your critical data and applications, and are also entry points into the administrative back-ends of systems. As such, VPNs attract considerable attention from hackers--and pose considerable risk to your organization. Organizations need a secure alternative to providing remote access.

BeyondTrust works through firewalls without VPN tunneling, so your perimeter security can remain intact. All session traffic and data in-transit is encrypted, and BeyondTrust logs and records each remote session for a detailed audit trail. BeyondTrust offers more than 50 separate permissions, so that you can fine tune the level of access and we integrate with your existing directory services (LDAPS, Kerberos, Smart Card, RADIUS) so that, if you change a support rep’s account in Active Directory, it is automatically reflected in BeyondTrust. BeyondTrust can also be configured with data at-rest encryption.

Troubleshoot Android and iOS Devices...or Provide Access From Them

BeyondTrust enables your team to support iOS and Android devices with screen sharing and remote control. It also allows you to provide support on anything your customer can see, including hardware and peripherals.

  • Screen share with iPhone, iPad, & iPods, or RDP from iOS devices
  • Control remote Android devices, or RDP from Android devices
  • Live stream with remote camera sharing from Android & iOS devices
  • Embed chat and other remote support tools in your app
Screen share with iPhone, iPad, & iPod. Or RDP from iOS devices.
Control remote Android devices. Or RDP from Android devices.

“BeyondTrust gives us the ability to work with a client from any platform, and we’ve integrated the BeyondTrust SDK to our iOS apps so we can see what the customer sees in real time.”

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Boost service desk performance with out-of-the-box integrations

Today’s IT Service Management (ITSM) landscape is increasingly complicated. Internal and external ITSM customers demand more efficient, “one-stop-shop” service. Management requires greater productivity and demonstrable ROI. There are more work-from-home employees and hybrid work models must handle different devices and easily downloadable apps, SaaS enterprise applications, and multicloud environments. All of this comes as an added challenge at a time when securing the enterprise has become a top priority.

BeyondTrust’s out-of-the-box integrations boost service desk performance, add important content to workflows, and improve security. Our open BeyondTrust API makes any custom integration possible. Integrations include, but are not limited to: ITSM, Change Management, Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, SIEM, and more.

The IT support solution to power your service desk

  • Ease of integration - BeyondTrust integrates seamlessly into your environment leveraging APIs and advanced integrations to align to your workflow--not the other way around.
  • Increase productivity - Your support reps and technicians will resolve issues more quickly, improving efficiency and end-user satisfaction.
  • Strengthen security - BeyondTrust works through your firewall without VPN tunneling, so your perimeter security can remain intact and all session traffic is encrypted and logged for a detailed audit trail.
  • Improve SLA’s - Provide a better experience for end users and reduce time to resolution with an array of features such as chat and remote camera sharing.

How BeyondTrust extended security and ROI for Chronopost

BeyondTrust proved to be the best IT tool for Chronopost's service desk to meet the expectations of their customers, some of whom operated in environments with stringent data privacy and other regulatory requirements:

“The Remote Support solution has saved time and increased productivity, which is essential in a sector as competitive as ours. The ability to support sites remotely, rather than having to go onsite, saves time and money, giving a great ROI.”

--CISO, Chronopost

How BeyondTrust Improved Security & Efficiency for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

With BeyondTrust, University of North Carolina at Charlotte's typical response time from incident reporting to resolution has been reduced from approximately 6 hours to 15 minutes.

"Previously, the only way we could let vendors remote in was to set up a VPN. With BeyondTrust, we can give them limited access to our environment and record their session so I have an audit log of exactly what has been done. That makes our environment much more secure.... It wasn’t hard to make the business case for selecting BeyondTrust initially, and the solution has just gotten more robust over time."

--Brian Bard, Business & Technology Analyst

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