BeyondTrust Professional Services is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to implement our privileged access and vulnerability management solutions across your organization. Professional Services security engineers can assist with solution scoping, design, installation, deployment, configuration, and training.

Our team also provides assessments and advice on both your existing and future security environments. Whether your organization is deploying our products for the first time or expanding the solution to other departments, our team of experts can support you with valuable services and tools used in thousands of successful implementations worldwide. With BeyondTrust Professional Services you can:

  • Achieve faster time-to-value
  • Reduce in-house knowledge gaps
  • Condense the product learning curve
  • Unlock maximum functionality and third party integrations (SIEM, IAM, etc.)
  • Be confident in a best-in-class solution finely tuned for your IT environment

Business Benefits

Deep Product Knowledge Paired with A Holistic Security Mindset

BeyondTrust Professional Services has over 25 years of experience securing many of the most recognized organizations in the world. Our team brings decades of IT security and networking experience honed in a range of industries, including government, healthcare, finance, banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, high-tech, and more.

Solutions Finely Tuned for Your Environment

Getting the most out of your investment requires advanced knowledge of the PowerBroker platform. Our experts will serve as an extension of your team to understand business objectives and policies, use cases, system architecture, and technical requirements. We provide best practices for developing, deploying, and supporting a privileged access management and/or vulnerability management implementation — optimized for your unique environment.

Professional Services Commitment

Professional Services consistently offers premium processes and products to maximize the return on your enterprise IT investment. Each member of the Professional Services team is committed to sharing their dedication and expertise with you. With thousands of implementations, they can also provide you with additional product knowledge, functionality and tools to successfully integrate our solutions into your own work environment. If you need help with project management, technical consulting, architecture design, implementation, documentation, education or configuration, we have the trained professionals to help meet your needs.

Solution Oriented

Our customers require a solution – a combination of software and services – and not just a product. The solution needs to be properly mapped to the business needs to ensure that the benefit which we propose is realized and fully institutionalized for long term value within their organization.

Customer Business Focused

We are your trusted strategic leader in the security market with an unrelenting focus to arm customers with analytics and intelligence to achieve compliance and protect their environments across the internal & external threat landscape.

Our products are purchased by our customers because they have specific business drivers and goals that need to be met. Our customers have a very real goal that needs to be accomplished and our products can help them achieve that goal.

Proven Methodology

Our customers’ production environments require a proven architectural approach to apply BeyondTrust’s products properly to meet the customer’s needs.

We build our procedures on best practices. Professional Services uses standardized policies and procedures that have been developed using best practices. These consistent implementation strategies not only ensure a successful integration of BeyondTrust products, but also provide you with an educational and positive experience. Success comes from experience in understanding and mitigating risks.

Your Professional Services Experience

It is critical for the software to be implemented correctly, quickly and efficiently – we have the expertise and experience to simplify the process and deliver a successful deployment and a successful project while providing your team with the knowledge they will need going forward so that your investment doesn’t become shelfware. You maximize your investment by actually using our products in your production environment.

Engagement Manager (EM)

Your Professional Services experience starts with our Professional Services (PS) Engagement Manager (EM). The Professional Services Engagement Manager (EM) is your “quarterback” for scoping software services. Our EMs will cooperatively work with both you and your Account Representative to ensure that your project is scoped correctly based on your unique critical success factors.

Project Manager (PM)

After purchase, a Project Manager will be assigned to your project. The Project Manager is your conduit to BeyondTrust resources and is your customer service advocate. Your Project Manager is committed to project success and customer satisfaction.

Professional Services Architect (PSA)

Professional Services Architects (PSAs) are assigned to your project by the PM when required to prescribe solution design and to provide associated design documentation. The PSA is the primary solution and technical resource for your Professional Services implementations; the Architect is responsible for ensuring the proposed solutions can be successfully implemented in your environment.

Professional Services Engineer (PSE)

Professional Services Engineers (PSEs) are assigned to your project by the PM for technical implementation. Our front-line delivery engineers are the best in the industry. We provide experts only. Every day our engineers work with the latest version of our products in real-world environments, serving as a critical part of the product development cycle and ensuring customer success. There is no thinning of capability or distraction of purpose with responsibilities or expectations outside of the BeyondTrust (BT) product line. Our experts stay up-to-date and train relentlessly to maintain qualifications.

Next Steps

Please check your email for the customer license letter and follow the steps outlined. The letter will be sent within 24 hours of purchase and contains information on how to:

  • Register on the Customer Portal. The BeyondTrust Customer Portals contain information on product downloads and serial numbers, and provide access to Technical Support, including customer chat.
  • Download and Install Software.
  • Activate Product License Keys.
  • Convert Temporary Licensing to Permanent. You may have been assigned a temporary license for certain products. A temporary license only allows you to use the product for a short period.

Thanks for choosing BeyondTrust products! We are dedicated to securing your IT and internet assets.