Experience Hassle-Free Management & Maintenance

No servers or controllers are required to deploy Endpoint Privilege Management. SaaS deployment frees you from the cost and hassle of managing, maintaining, and updating on-premises software or equipment.

Deployment is straightforward. Simply download and deploy endpoint agents to all of your Linux endpoints across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments.

Endpoint Privilege Management agents periodically communicate with the cloud-based policy and logging servers to receive policy updates and collect audit data. Policy management and auditing are performed via the SaaS-based management console.

BeyondTrust Professional Services Endpoint Privilege Management for Linux Cloud packages offer scalable services engagements, with a drive toward providing customers self-sufficiency at all points along the engagement. The outcomes you receive are rooted in our best practices and are delivered in several Tiers, each representing increasingly comprehensive solutions and endpoint counts.

  • Tier 1 Outcomes
Delivers essential Endpoint Privilege Management for Linux functionality for up to 500 endpoints, helping you to control root access, enforcing least privilege, limiting the risk of unwanted lateral movement and preventing unauthorized execution of malicious code.


Professional Services Criteria Tier 1
Initial Deployment Workshop
Configure Tenant Settings Yes
User Roles Yes
EPM-L Settings Yes
SIEM Integration (Optional [ 1]) Yes
Build & Deploy RPM Packages Yes
Activate Endpoints using EPM-L Token Yes
Create Policy and deploy to Endpoints Yes
Additional Deployment Sessions
Number of Sessions (up to...) 3
Review Audit Workflows / Entitlement Reports Yes
Deploy to additional Endpoints Yes
Review workflow to Retire Endpoints Yes
Review / Modify / Create additional policies (up to...) 5
  1. Requires external Elasticsearch deployment
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