Integrate your Remote Support or Privileged Remote Access with a variety of other tools:

BeyondTrust offers professional services package options for assisted deployment of Integrations for Remote Support and Privileged Remote Access.

Summarized below are the available package tiers and the scope. We’ll help you determine which tier will work best for you.

Integration Type Tier 1 Tier 2
ITSM or SIEM or Password Safe[ 1][ 2] 1 Instance Up to 3 Instances
Professional Services Tasks
Review Remote Support or Privileged Remote Access system for version details and pre-requisites Yes Yes
Install any required middleware components[ 2] Yes Yes
Configuration of settings in Remote Support or Privileged Remote Access Yes Yes
Testing the integration based on its standard use cases Yes Yes
  1. From available platforms, as listed here:
  2. Some integrations may require configuration in another application to complete the installation. Customer resources should be prepared to complete those steps.
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