Accelerated Time to Value

BeyondTrust Active Directory Bridge (AD Bridge) helps customers streamline identity management and access control across hybrid environments by extending Microsoft AD authentication, SSO capabilities, and Group Policy configuration management to Unix and Linux systems. BeyondTrust Professional Services AD Bridge packages offer scalable services engagements, with a drive toward providing customers self-sufficiency at all points along the engagement. The outcomes you receive are rooted in our best practices and are delivered in several tiers, each representing increasingly comprehensive solutions.

  • Tier 1 Outcomes

Delivers essential AD Bridge functionality and components, helping you to streamline your identity management and access control. This includes configuration of basic AD Bridge components and setup of integration with Active Directory.

  • Tier 2 Outcomes

Delivers support on a wider range of use cases, helping you better tailor AD Bridge to your organization. This includes migration of accounts from your existing environment, configuration and customization of Group Policy options, and assistance with reconciliation of existing group membership.

  • Tier 3 Outcomes

Delivers expanded support for advanced use cases and migration tasks, helping large and complex organizations get up to speed quickly with AD Bridge. This includes configuration of file ownership, setup of netgroup migration, and configuration of application integration.

Professional Services Criteria Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Installation of AD Bridge Client and AD Components[ 1] (15/30) (50/700) (100/1400)
Installation of BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux (BIUL) Yes Yes Yes
Simple automation of ADB Client installation using BIUL Yes Yes Yes
Migrate accounts from existing environment (NIS/NIS+, LDAP, SSSD)[ 2] Yes Yes
Group policy options (settings, file ownership, etc) Yes Yes
Professional Services Tasks
Installation of client and management components Yes Yes Yes
Installation and configuration of ADB Client Yes Yes Yes
Account provisioning Yes Yes Yes
Account migration Yes Yes
File ownership remediation Yes Yes
Customization of group policy settings Yes Yes
NIS/NIS+ Anonymous Map migration Yes Yes
Assistance with reconciliation of existing group membership Yes Yes
File ownership: NFS volume server Yes
Netgroup migration Yes
Application integration Yes
Knowledge Transfer
Provided knowledge transfer for daily maintenance of the system Yes Yes Yes
Deployment summary document provided Yes Yes Yes
  1. Up to the number of servers installed/accounts reconciled
  2. AD Bridge 23.2 fully supports Azure AD (now called Entra ID) which requires the purchase of a separate SKU
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