Best Practices for Grouping Events in Active Directory

Once upon a time, systems and security administrators only read the chapters pertaining to auditing and security in the systems administration training guides in preparation to pass a test--or when trying to diagnose why a system wasn’t functioning properly. Needless to say, there was a heck of a lot more attention paid to system operations than to security!

The same thing cannot be said today, as administrators must be proficient in understanding their audited environment for both compliance and security reasons. Admins must adeptly monitor the logs generated by dozens of systems, devices, applications, and components either to

  1. demonstrate appropriate controls for audit compliance, or
  2. perform forensics and rapidly piece together details from their audited environment in response to a data breach.

And, that is precisely what this white paper intends to address: How to simplify the arduous process of auditing changes made to Active Directory to meet audit compliance and security mandates.

Let’s start with the biggest pain: logs. To discover more, register here and download the white paper, "5 Tips for Simplifying Active Directory Auditing & Security".