Is it time for your support center to upgrade from DameWare? This competitive document highlights some key differentiators that make Bomgar a better solution for advanced troubleshooting.

Is DameWare Designed for Enterprise Support Organizations?

DameWare is the incumbent solution in many support organizations, especially in the government sector. But it is behind the technology curve in comparison to most of the leading remote support products on the market, only recently enabling firewall-compatible connections across the internet. Companies that stick with DameWare simply because it is the incumbent solution risk falling behind.

We compare Bomgar with DameWare by looking at the following:

  • Speed of Development: How well does each company keep up with changes in the technology field?
  • Platform Support: How does each solution operate across multiple operating systems?
  • Collaboration: What level of collaboration is enabled between reps, administrators, and external vendors?
  • Security: What security and compliance measures are in place? What third party certifications and/or security audits have been done to ensure the security of the solution architecture?
  • Integration: How does each solution enable a seamless workflow by integrating with ITSM and CRM tools?