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Secure and Manage Passwords and Credentials

Privileged credentials are needed for a variety of privileged account types. These may include: domain and sysadmins, operating systems, directory services, databases, applications, cloud instances, networking hardware, IoT, and more.

BeyondTrust's Password Management solutions, Password Safe and DevOps Secrets Safe, unify privileged session and password management to create the most complete password manager software. These solutions provide secure discovery, management, auditing, and monitoring for privileged credentials in the organization. Even in complex credential environments.

Find Vulnerable Privileged Accounts

Scan to instantly discover privileged accounts on your network. Download the free Discovery Tool to get started.

Password Safe, Explained

BeyondTrust Password Safe is an enterprise password manager software which ensures complete control and accountability over all privileged accounts within an organization. User access requests and authentications are routed through custom-defined approval rule sets.

Approval rules determine whether the request then results in a password retrieval or a session proxy. Along the way, all sessions are recorded and audit logs are documented and archived. All within the password manager.

DevOps Secrets Safe, Explained

DevOps Secrets Safe enables enterprise teams to securely manage credentials and secrets. This includes continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) toolchains, applications, and other automated processes.

Designed to reduce the security and compliance risks associated with secrets sprawl, DevOps Secrets Safe also increases DevOps agility and toolchain usability.