Find Vulnerable Privileged Accounts (for Free)

As the quantity and scope of cyber attacks continues to grow, organizations are focusing on the risk from privileged users such as insiders and third parties. The free Discovery Tool provides key information on the scope of these privileged accounts to equip you with the information you need to proactively protect them.

Get the Information You Need To Protect Privileged Accounts

The Discovery Tool gives you a detailed report that includes the number of privileged credentials as well as their password age, for the following Windows account types:

  • AD accounts
  • Local accounts
  • Service accounts

Use it as often as you like. Run it at any time to assess the status and security of privileged accounts on your IT network.

Download Sample Report

The Discovery Tool produces a customized report for your organization.

Mitigate the Risk of Privileged Credentials Theft or Misuse

Controlling and effectively managing privileged credentials is the next step. Proactively defend your organization by continuously discovering, auto-onboarding, managing, and monitoring privileged accounts of all types with BeyondTrust Password Safe.

Password Safe helps you reduce the risks associated with privileged credential compromise by safeguarding access to privileged account passwords and SSH Keys. The solution provides full control over system and application access through live session management, allowing administrators to record, lock, and document suspicious behavior with the ability to lock or terminate sessions.