BeyondInsight Discovery Tool - Free

Securely reveal unknown privileged accounts and credentials in your environment—including accounts you've likely never seen before

  • Uncover privileged accounts and credentials

  • Discover remote access tools and overprivileged accounts

  • Easy to use tool – no installation, unlimited scans and a summary discovery report

Trusted by Over 20,000 Companies and Counting

  • Starbucks
  • Wynn Resorts
  • eBay
  • CSC
  • Willams-Sonoma
  • IHG
  • Carbonite
  • RBC

Quantify Your Risk of Exposure

Stolen privileged credentials and compromised remote access tools are used in nearly every data breach. Unfortunately, without centralized monitoring and management, unmanaged accounts, standing privileged credentials and remote access tools can be hiding in your network just waiting to be compromised.

With the BeyondInsight Discovery Tool, you can run unlimited scans, up to 1000 targets at a time, to find vulnerable systems on your network. Each scan reveals unmanaged credentials and accounts, including:

  • Privileged accounts
  • Password age
  • SSH keys
  • Service accounts running with user accounts
  • User accounts with administrative rights on Windows/Mac and Unix/Linux
  • Remote Access Tools

Download a Sample Report Produced by the BeyondInsight Discovery Tool

The BeyondInsight Discovery Tool produces a high-level overview of privileged activity within your organization, including information about systems scanned on your network, including privileged accounts, SSH keys, services, remote access tools, and more.

System Requirements

For Scanning System:

  • Windows 7-10

For Target Systems:

  • Windows 8-10, Server 2012-2019
  • Mac OSX
  • Unix
  • AIX
  • Cisco
  • Fortinet
  • HP iLO, UX
  • Juniper
  • Linux
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Solaris
  • vSphere SSH

Network Protocols

  • Windows File and Print Sharing, WMI
  • SSH