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Combine the best of Session Management and Credential Management solutions at a new, incredible value!

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Get a closer look inside the BeyondTrust identity & access security arsenal.

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Find out how customers & analysts alike review BeyondTrust.

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Our biggest customer conference of the year is happening in Miami and virtually on May 1-5, 2023.

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The Only Remote Support Tool You'll Need

You've probably got multiple remote tools because no single tool does it all. BeyondTrust is different. Support everything - computers, mobile devices, hardware, and peripherals - with one, secure tool.

After meeting the requirements of over 20,000 customers, we've got a pretty good idea of the common remote support requirements businesses have. Our free product evaluation guide will help you compare. BeyondTrust Remote Support against alternative solutions.

“Given Chili Security’s rapid growth, we estimate that if we hadn’t made the switch to BeyondTrust, we would need four times the employees we have now to service our expanding customer base. BeyondTrust’s automated features make it possible for each technician to handle more jobs, reducing labor costs.”

Michale Hede, Technical Leader at Chili Security

If You Don't Love Your Remote Support Tool... There's Hope!

For technical support teams within mid-to-large enterprise organizations, choosing the right remote support solution is pivotal to the productivity and security of your service desk. If you've got inadequate tools, well, nothing makes a hard job harder.

With BeyondTrust, you'll be equipped to handle any support situation. BeyondTrust works seamlessly across Windows, Mac, and Linux. And we don't charge extra for iOS, Android, or mobile video streaming support.

Not only that, our customers rave about our support team. Our best-in-class technical support enables you to achieve real results quickly.

Get on the right path by downloading your copy of the Remote Support Buyer’s Guide and Checklist. The document includes:

  • Everything you need to consider when implementing remote support
  • Questions to ask vendors for each requirement category
  • A comprehensive checklist of requirements derived from real-life implementations

How Much Are You Paying for That Free Remote Support Tool?

There are many consumer-grade remote access tools out there such as VNC, DameWare, and certain versions of TeamViewer and LogMeIn, but many of them do not provide the flexibility and security that organizations need.

Want to get a better idea of what free or consumer-oriented tools may actually be costing your business?

We’ve analyzed the details and costs associated with free and basic tools while thinking about how they impact some critical factors:

  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Your organization’s reputation

You can also compare BeyondTrust Remote Support against these specific vendors: Teamviewer, LogMeIn, and GoToAssist.

"In addition to Bomgar (BeyondTrust), the team evaluated LogMeIn Rescue, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop, TeamViewer (full version), DameWare (full version), GoToAssist Corporate and WebEx Support Center. Bomgar (BeyondTrust) was the only solution that met ANATEL’s security requirements."

IT Manager, ANATEL - Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency, Case Study

Free Remote Support Software Comparison Guide

After meeting the requirements of over 20,000 customers, we've got a pretty good idea of the common requirements businesses have for their remote support software. Our free product evaluation guide will help you compare BeyondTrust Remote Support to other alternatives. The spreadsheet lists the most common requirements for remote support software. Our part is filled out, and there are blanks for the other products you're evaluating. We've done a lot of the work for you!