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How to Evaluate Privileged Access Management Vendors

Controlling, monitoring, and auditing privileges and privileged access—for employees, vendors, systems, applications, IoT, and everything else that touches your IT environments is essential for protecting against both external and internal threat vectors, and for meeting a growing list of compliance requirements. But, where do you start?

This free evaluation guide will help you identify the PAM capabilities you should prioritize to reduce security risks, and help you compare BeyondTrust’s PAM platform against alternative solutions. Here are the PAM capabilities covered in the guide.

“BeyondTrust has the two key elements—PAM and vulnerability management—to massively reduce cyber risk. When working in an integrated fashion, the combination of those two capabilities presents a massive potential to reduce breaches. It’s a major step forward in cybersecurity and risk management.”

Transaction Services Group, David Kennedy, CIO

Why select a single vendor to achieve complete privileged access management?

BeyondTrust is the only PAM vendor to address all PAM use cases. Our comprehensive PAM solution includes capabilities that no other vendor delivers, such as built-in Privileged Remote Access for insiders and vendors, and file integrity monitoring. A comprehensive solution reduces complexity and speeds time-to-value.

We believe our differentiation in the PAM market lies in the breadth and depth of our solution offering, the diversity of available 3rd party integrations, and the fact that we are a proven leader and innovator with a decades long-history of innovation.

BeyondTrust adds tremendous value to customers – from centralized management and policy, to integrated reporting and threat analytics. The result? Less cost, less complexity, and fewer gaps from using siloed tools.

You can also compare BeyondTrust against these specific Privileged Access Management vendors: CyberArk, Thycotic, and Centrify.

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Free Privileged Access Management Comparison Guide

After meeting the requirements of more than 20,000 customers and our experience with many thousands of successful deployments, we've identified the typical path that most customers follow. Download our free product evaluation guide to compare BeyondTrust's PAM platform to other alternatives.