In most industries, compliance regulations require the logging of remote support activity. Such records should identify unique users, show which systems were connected, and delineate what actions were taken over the remote connection.

With Bomgar Remote Support, you’ll have all the details you need for your next audit:

Bomgar’s Remote Support solution allows IT administrators to dive deep into historic support activity, but also gives a real-time view of support through the ability to monitor support sessions. Monitor representatives in real time to help train new employees, or just to ensure quality assurance. Support reps that are being monitored will see a watermark in their representative console, so they know that a manager is watching over his or her shoulder. Much like listening in to phone calls, this feature allows IT support departments to ensure a superior customer experience.

When looking at the support activity log, administrators and managers can see a high-level list of all the sessions that occurred, with the ability to drill down into each individual session to see the start time, end time and all actions taken.  In addition, they can view or download chat transcripts, the session recording and also a command shell recording.

Not only can you view reports stored on the Bomgar appliance, data can also be archived for long-term storage and retention. If you need to automatically archive sessions, a schedule can be set up to save you time from manually saving them each time.

Many of our customers find this feature very useful, so we’ve put together a short video that gives you a closer look!