How to Evaluate Remote Support Products

After meeting the requirements of over 20,000 customers, we've got a pretty good idea of the common remote support requirements businesses have. Our free buyer's guide, which includes a free vendor comparison checklist, will help you understand the must-have remote support capabilities, and how they can help you modernize and supercharge your service desk.

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  • Learn everything you need to consider when evaluating remote support options
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Available Resources in the Buyer's Guide

Executive Summary: Key Findings from the Remote Support Buyer's Guide (5 minute read)

Short on time? Access the Executive Summary of the Buyer's Guide for Remote Support to quickly access the key takeaways.

Complete Guide: Buyer’s Guide for Remote Support (30 minute read)

Download the full Remote Support Buyer's Guide & Checklist to empower your IT help desk with the essential insights needed to navigate the complex landscape of remote support. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the 5 key components crucial for a complete remote support solution, ensuring scalability, adaptability, and robust security measures.

Remote Support Buyer's Guide Checklist (30 minute exercise)

Also included in the full Buyer's Guide, download this customizable, interactive spreadsheet to start evaluating the capabilities of remote support solutions you might be considering.

The 5 Key Components of a Complete Remote Support Solution

Broad Platform Support

The broader the platform support, the better you can standardize support using a single tool to improve incident handling time, technician productivity, and reap other efficiencies


Features like chat support, remote camera sharing, intelligent collaboration, and other features in this category are central to the customer support experience.


Remote support solutions that come with out-of-the-box integrations for the leading ITSM, CRM, and systems management solutions reduce administrative burden.

Security, Auditing, Compliance

Today’s threat environment and regulations demand that enterprises be able to identify and record the who, what, where, and when around remote access activities.

Branding & Customization

Ideally, your remote support solution should allow you to create custom portals for each customer, group, and/or product your users support.

"ANATEL deployed [BeyondTrust] using a pilot period, fielding 227 remote calls. The length for the sessions averaged 29 minutes, which represented a dramatic improvement from the Service Level Agreement (SLA) of six hours. Additionally, 89% of the calls received were resolved through first tier support, compared to the SLA of 50%."

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