Endpoint security software firm Avecto has today announced the general release of Defendpoint for Mac, its next generation security solution to manage Macs in the enterprise.

Drawing on Avecto’s market-leading least privilege capabilities, Defendpoint for Mac finally allows organizations to gain the same level of security, control and usability on their OS X devices, that has been previously reserved for Windows-based devices.

With Defendpoint for Mac, users are able to achieve least privilege – allowing all users to operate as standard users and run admin tasks and privileged applications without the need for an admin account. The combination of Privilege Management and Application Control makes whitelisting easy to achieve. Organizations can regain control of apps with pragmatic whitelisting, ensuring that only known good applications are able to run, while users have the freedom and flexibility to perform everyday tasks.

The availability of Defendpoint for Mac comes as Macs and the OS X ecosystem become an increasingly popular target for hackers. In 2015 researchers at Symantec saw a monthly average of between 10,000 and 70,000 Mac computers infected with malware.[1]

Mark Austin, co-CEO and co-founder of Avecto said:

“Enterprise adoption of Macs is rising rapidly thanks in part to the consumerization of IT. Typically however these Mac devices are poorly managed, leaving organizations with no visibility of activity or user behaviour. Since we announced Defendpoint for Mac last year we’ve witnessed a significant uplift in Mac vulnerabilities and hackers increasingly finding new ways to bypass Apple’s native security features.

“For the first time, Defendpoint for Mac will bring OS X security in line with Windows, allowing organizations to regain control over their Mac estate, and enabling users to be both secure and productive. We’re excited to be able to provide our customers with a single solution across both Windows and Macs devices, and initial demand for the product has been overwhelming.”

[1] http://www.techproducts.com.ng/cyber-security-firms-predict-rise-in-attacks-on-apple-product-in-2016/