SecureIIS Web Server Security

SecureIIS Web Server Security protects internet facing systems via a multi-layered approach to Windows web server protection. SecureIIS provides application layer protection for the IIS platform, acting as an ISAPI filter, protecting against known and unknown exploits, zero day attacks, and unauthorized web access.

Unmatched Protection for Your Web Servers

Web servers require a more formidable and customized level of protection above and beyond what network firewalls or intrusion detection systems can provide. SecureIIS™ operates within IIS to actively inspect all incoming requests at each stage of data processing. In this way, SecureIIS prevents potentially damaging network traffic, whether encrypted or unencrypted from penetrating your servers and compromising your web based applications.

BeyondTrust pioneered the concept of application-layer protection. Unlike network-layer protection products, an application-layer solution works within the application that it is protecting. SecureIIS inspects requests as they come in from the network layer, as they are passed up to the kernel, and at every level of processing in between.

SecureIIS Web Server Security
“Using this console, security professionals and system administrators alike can easily find and analyze weaknesses throughout the entire enterprise infrastructure” SC MAGAZINE 2014


Application Layer

When SecureIIS detects an attempted attack, it will prevent unauthorized access and/or damage to the web server and host applications.


SecureIIS monitors data as it is processed by IIS and can block a request at any point if it resembles one of many classes of attack patterns; including SQL injection and cross site scripting.

Zero Day

SecureIIS does not rely upon a database of attack signatures that require regular updating. It is able to block entire classes of attacks, including those attacks that have not yet been discovered.

Designed by
Security Research Experts

The BeyondTrust Security Research Team is recognized as one of the most trusted and respected sources dedicated to improving IIS security.

Centralized Security

See a single view of security risk information within the IT environment – across all locations and assets.

Vulnerability Management
for Mobile Devices:

Manage and assess Blackberry, Android and ActiveSync-managed devices with the same vulnerability management processes you have for your traditional assets.

Virtual Application

Reduce risk by ensuring virtualized applications are properly discovered, scanned, and included in your standard vulnerability management processes.

Private and Public Cloud Asset Assessment and Security:

Integrate your private and public cloud assets running on Amazon EC2, VMware vCenter, GoGrid or RackSpace into your overall security strategy. Identify risks to your virtual infrastructure as you would your physical assets.

Why BeyondTrust for Web Server Security

  • Protects against multiple classes of attacks, such as buffer overflows, parser evasions, directory traversal and more
  • Does not require signature updates to provide protection
  • Integrated technology does not affect server performance
  • Designed and maintained by the industry’s most well-respected security research team
  • Works with, and protects, all common web-based applications such as Flash, Cold Fusion, FrontPage, Outlook Web Access, and many third party and custom applications
  • Trusted by 1000’s of companies worldwide
Web Server Security

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