Retina Network Security Scanner Unlimited:

Integrated Network, Web & Virtual Vulnerability Scanner for $1,200

Retina is the security industry’s most respected and industry-validated vulnerability scanner and serves as the engine for our vulnerability management solutions. There is no better option for securing your network from vulnerabilities.

Retina: The One Vulnerability Scanner for Enterprise-Wide Vulnerability Assessments

With over 10,000 deployments since 1998, BeyondTrust Retina Network Security Scanner is the most sophisticated vulnerability assessment solution on the market. Available as a standalone application or as part of the Retina CS unified vulnerability management platform, Retina Security Scanner enables you to efficiently identify IT exposures and prioritize remediation enterprise-wide. Retina Network Security Scanner, the industry’s most mature and effective vulnerability scanning technology, identifies the vulnerabilities – missing patches, configuration weaknesses, and industry best practices - to protect an organization’s IT assets. Retina provides cost-effective security risk assessment, as well as enables security best practices, policy enforcement, and regulatory audits.

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VMware Plug-in for Retina
VMware Plug-in for Retina: Industry's first and only vulnerability management solution directly integrated into vCenter: VMWARE SURVEY - DOWNLOAD THE DATASHEET - RECORDED DEMO

Enterprise Vulnerability Scanning Lifecycle

Endpoint Security Lifecycle - Discover

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Accurate baseline for all assessment activities
  • Immediate and measurable catalog and inventory of all IT assets – physical, virtual, devices and applications
  • Identification of unapproved assets such as wireless access points

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Unique “Zero-gap discovery” across physical, virtual, cloud and mobile
  • Remote, Network and Local scanning options
  • Industry’s most accurate cataloging of OS, device, applications, services, ports, users, groups etc.
Endpoint Security Lifecycle - Assessment

Key Benefits

  • Actionable data identifies proper remediation actions, accelerating risk reduction
  • Clear, concise reporting streamlines the classification of most at-risk devices
  • Assessment data can be archived and used for trending analysis

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Identification of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, policy violations
  • Support for assessments of all assets across operating systems, applications and configurations
  • Allows for custom audits/assessments for adherence to any unique company requirements
Enterprise Security Lifecycle - Comply

Key Benefits

  • “Operational GPS” directs IT to which actions provide the most risk-reduction benefits
  • Automated reporting on compliance efforts creates consistency and accountability
  • Enterprise policy management and reporting

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Comprehensive vulnerability assessment with additional contextual knowledge
  • Seamless integration with configuration assessment module, using a certified SCAP engine (60 built-in benchmarks)
  • Additional scanning and reporting modules for regulatory reporting; integrated patch management
Endpoint Security Lifecycle - Optimize

Key Benefits

  • Receive an immediate ‘state of the union' with regards to your IT landscape
  • Greater efficiency via enterprise-centric capabilities such as role based access, internal auditing, ticketing, and integration with existing infrastructure investments

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Implement Central Management, Reporting and Logging
  • Role based policy, alert and reporting management
  • Integration with PowerBroker privileged account management solutions


scanning engine

Optimizes network performance and scan network devices, operating systems, applications, and databases, without impacting availability or performance

Industry’s most comprehensive
vulnerability database

Continually updated by the renowned BeyondTrust Research Team, allows you to stay on top of even the most current threats.

Flexible and Scalable

Retina can be deployed as a standalone scanner, distributed throughout an environment and integrated with Retina CS for enterprise deployments

Integrates with Leading
Penetration Testing Tools

Right-click integrations with leading penetration testing tools and solutions such as Core Security, Exploit DB, also Metasploit.

Why BeyondTrust for Vulnerability Scanning

  • Discover all network (local and remote), web and virtual assets in your environment
  • Reveal at-risk personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data
  • Identify system, application, database, OS and web application vulnerabilities via agent-based and/or agentless scanning
  • Assess risk and prioritize remediation based on exploitability (from Core Impact®, Metasploit®, Exploit-db), CVSS, & other factors
  • Confirm exploitability through penetration testing, with one click to the open-source Metasploit Framework
  • Report progress and results to colleagues in management, compliance, audit, risk and other roles
  • Analyze threats and gain security intelligence through the optional Retina CS vulnerability management console
  • Share data with popular solutions for SIEM, GRC and other security management platforms
  • Full support for VMware environments, including online and offline virtual image scanning, virtual application scanning and integration with vCenter
  • Ability to audit for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on remote targets
Network Security Scanning

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    Retina Network Security Scanner
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