Symantec Endpoint Management with Remote Support

Support and IT organizations using Symantec IT Management Suite (ITMS), Client Management Suite (CMS), and Deployment Solution (DS) powered by Altiris technology can integrate Bomgar to improve service levels, centralize support processes and strengthen compliance. Bomgar enables technicians using Symantec to launch a secure remote support session directly from ITMS, CMS and DS assets.

This integration increases the effectiveness of your technicians by placing robust remote support and secure chat at their fingertips. Bomgar’s solution is multi-platform, allowing support technicians to remotely support desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices across operating systems.

Launch Remote Support from Symantec Client Management Suite (CMS)

Integration Capabilities

  • Technician-initiated remote support sessions launched directly from the Symantec ITMS, CMS or DS Management Console.
  • Connect to both attended and unattended remote computers.
  • Technician-initiated remote support sessions are secure, with outbound connections from the remote computer and the Bomgar appliance. No listening ports need to be exposed on the remote device.
  • Configurable service technician privileges include controls over optional prompting of customers on remote computers.
  • Enterprise directory authentication and authorization of granular service technician privileges.
  • Detailed session reports and optional video recording of remote support activities for auditing and compliance.
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