Integrate secure privileged access, safeguard more flexible workflows, increase productivity

BeyondTrust and Ping Identity enable organizations to secure identity and privileged access across an increasingly complex infrastructures and changing business applications. Provide a seamless user experience by easily integrating multi-factor authentication and single-sign-on with pillars of an effective Zero Trust strategy – throughout your ecosystem. Enable more automation and increase productivity with adaptive, contextual authentication of access.

Read this solutions brief to discover how BeyondTrust & Ping Identity delivers end-to-end zero trust across complex infrastructure, business applications, and more.

Attacks are on the rise

Risk increases with each system change, added application, and every new connection throughout your IT infrastructure. Together BeyondTrust and Ping enable organizations to address increasing cybersecurity risks by efficiently extending privileged identity protections across emerging threat surfaces.

  • Business costs of breaches included disrupted business activities (22%), system downtime (21%), and lost productivity (20%)
  • Key challenges: lack of staff (38%), lack of automation (38%) and budget (34%)
  • 54% of organizations are, at best, only somewhat confident in their identity and access management program

Quickly expand MFA and SSO access control to privileged users with simple APIs using SAML or RADIUS protocols

Key Resources

Watch Anja Lange as she interviews Liz Shulof, CMO at BeyondTrust, Caroline Lawson, CTO of EMEIA at SailPoint and Emma Maslen, VP of EMEA and APAC at Ping Identity, as they discuss how alliances are helping to drive instrumental identity management changes and fast track digital transformation, cloud adoption and Zero Trust initiatives. Conversation will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Specific security benefits of having a modern enterprise identity program
  • Powerful solution integrations that cover users, permissions, and privileges
  • Protection of your critical systems and data with Identity and Access Management

Further Reading