Automated Access
Increase productivity with automated privileged account access based on corporate policies.
Centralized Management
Provide a complete, centralized view of each identity’s access across all standard and privileged, shared, and system accounts.
Reduced Risks
Remove privileged access blind spots and continuously remove unnecessary privileged accounts as users switch jobs or leave the company.

As a leading systems integrator of BeyondTrust and SailPoint we're delighted that this integration is available because it's a key goal of ours to offer clients a broad identity platform.

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Get visibility into Privileged and Non-Privileged activity from the same platform.

Automated Governance Controls
Get a complete view of an identity’s access and its associated privileged accounts, meet compliance regulations, and eliminate overentitled users.
Streamlined Access Delivery
Earn centralized control over all privileged and non-privileged accounts, enabling privileged access based on user role or lifecycle event changes.
Improved Security & Administration
Enable storage and management of service account credentials with credential cycling, retrieving them only when performing identity tasks.
SCIM-Based Automation
Use the SCIM API to intuitively automate the exchange of identity data to your organization's specifications.

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