Protect and Empower Sysadmins with On-demand Access to Privileges

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"If you are looking for a solution that allows you to quickly and easily eliminate admin rights, I have no hesitation recommending this solution to any organization."

Application Support Manager at Seyfarth Shaw

Highlighted Features

Benefits of Windows Server Endpoint Privilege Management


Eliminate administrator rights: prevent intentional, accidental, and indirect misuse of privileges on Windows assets.

Block suspicious activity: enforce restrictions on software installation, usage, and OS configuration changes.

Track and prevent lateral movement: utilize rules to track and prevent anomalous user activity based on user roles and targeted resources

Maintain awareness: monitor UAC events, application rules, requested elevations, denied applications, and more.

Quarantine files: leverage threat analytics for malware confidence reporting, enabling better risk decision-making

Track trusted sources: make rules on tasks, processes, or applications based on the originating source.

Support one-time-passwords (OTPs): support any multi-factor solution that utilizes the RADIUS protocol for additional verification that the user is the intended recipient of the elevation policy.

Compliance and Efficiency

Record sessions: capture screens of privileged user activity with keystroke logging to document all privileged changes to an asset.

Understand and communicate risk: leverage an interactive, role-based reporting and analytics console, backed by a centralized data warehouse for ongoing audits of user privilege management software activities.

Ensure productivity: default all users to standard privileges, while enabling elevated privileges for specific applications and tasks without requiring administrative credentials.

Ease policy creation and management: set policies via Active Directory Group Policy, Web Services or McAfee ePO with support for air-gapped systems and non-domain assets.

Build rules quickly: identify app launches and elevation requirements, then test and save required rules.

Gain control over all accounts: automatically discover and profile all Windows accounts, and quickly bring them under centralized management.