Reduce Cyber Security Risks and Achieve Privilege Management at Scale

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“BeyondTrust for Networks is an important and evolutionary step in identity and access management (IAM), offering network administrators a single-point of management for important functions such as command and control session monitoring and auditing, the generation of logs for SIEM, and automating single sign-on.”

Christopher Kissel, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Protect Your Most Critical Network, IoT, ICS and SCADA Devices with Comprehensive Privilege and Session Management

Devices like routers, switches, IoT, ICS and SCADA are critical to the security of every network. But when left unprotected, they give external attackers and malicious insiders an open invitation to your IT environment. To prevent costly cyber-attacks, every device on your network has to be controlled at a granular level and monitored with detailed audits.

PowerBroker for Networks is a privilege management solution that secures and monitors activity on network devices, enabling you to reduce cybersecurity risks and achieve privilege management at scale.

Unlike device-specific, agent-based tools, PowerBroker for Networks empowers you to secure all network devices with a single solution. It also picks up where password management leaves off, allowing you to maintain fine-grained least privilege control – even after a user is granted access to the device.

Disrupt the Attack Chain Inside and Out

When deployed as part of the BeyondTrust Server Privilege Management solution, BeyondTrust for Unix & Linux enables you to disrupt all stages of the cyber attack chain. The solution combines best-in-class privilege, password and vulnerability management on top of a centralized reporting and analytics platform. As a result, you can efficiently reduce your organization’s attack surface, prevent lateral movement by attackers, and actively detect and respond to in-progress breaches.

Highlighted Features

Benefits of Endpoint Privileged Management for Network Devices

Reduce Security Risks to Network Devices

Flexible policy language: Highly granular policy language ensures superior control over all commands entered, as opposed to what simple blacklisting offers.

Data-driven policy: Make decisions to accept/reject/alter commands based on external data sources, such as databases or LDAP query.

Command alteration: Manipulate all, or part, of a command that gets sent to the target device.

Whitelist/blacklist capability: Default behavior of accepting commands or rejecting commands allows PowerBroker to run in either a blacklist or whitelist mode.

Customize end user messaging: Prompt users, detect logins, offer a message of the day, or send warnings or one-time messages to users based on commands.

Reduce Complexity

Drive automation at scale: PowerBroker automates repetitive tasks across one or hundreds of thousands of devices, including actions at logon.

Identity-aware automation intelligence: PowerBroker’s context-aware policy leverages identity and device profiles to enable users to type a single command to execute any number of other commands, improving efficiency.

Privilege policy linking and version control: PowerBroker policies can be linked and coordinated via version control, enabling simplified organization and management for even the largest deployments.

REST Interface: PowerBroker offers a HTTP-based API to administer policies via web services, making PowerBroker the right choice for on-premise and cloud-based deployments.

Intelligent session automation: PowerBroker automatically completes commands and entire lines, driving efficiency into once manual and error prone processes.

Reducing Risks with Endpoint Privileged Management for Network Devices

Provide Complete Privilege Control And Auditing Over All Endpoints

BeyondTrust for Networks is the first solution to offer granular command control and audit over privileged user activity on network, IoT, ICS and SCADA devices, adding this capability to the BeyondTrust privileged access management platform and providing coverage over all endpoints.

Control What Privileged Users Can Access And What They Can Do Once Logged On To A Device

By integrated with leading privileged password management solutions such as BeyondTrust Password Safe, organizations can control the credentials that access a network device, and what commands can be run when a session is initiated. This provides complete control and audit of both commands and sessions.

Provide Platform-agnostic Network Security And Auditing To Clients

For managed service providers that are responsible for the management and compliance of their customers’ network devices (i.e. Cisco, Palo Alto, etc.), BeyondTrust for Networks provides a platform-agnostic way to improve network devices security and auditing.