Password Safe is BeyondTrust’s flagship privileged account and session management (PASM) solution. In a new executive view report, analyst firm KuppingerCole takes a deep dive into the product’s shared account password management and session management capabilities and explores how the integrations with other components in the BeyondTrust PAM platform “represents one of the most comprehensive PAM solutions in the market today."

Preventing Privileged Credential Abuse

Between the abuse of shared credentials by employees and third parties, and the hijacking of privileged credentials by cyber criminals, most data breaches involve the exploit of unsecured privileged account passwords. As the KuppingerCole report explains, Password Safe defends against this attack vector by continuously discovering vulnerable privileged credentials (passwords, SSH keys, etc.), along with systems, devices, and accounts on an organization’s network.

Password Safe securely stores the credentials in a password vault, rotates the credentials (according to policy), and enforces unique passwords across all accounts. And, by documenting all session transactions performed, access activity reports are easily digested by management or during security compliance audits. With Password Safe, organizations can provide the access to systems that employees and contractors need to complete their work-related tasks, while ensuring password security best practices are consistently applied.

A Comprehensive PAM Platform

As the KuppingerCole report explains, while Password Safe provides critical capabilities necessary for preventing privileged credential abuse, when used as part of BeyondTrust’s integrated PAM suite, its benefits for risk-reduction and enabling end-user productivity are further enhanced. The merging of four leading PAM providers (Avecto, BeyondTrust, Bomgar, Lieberman Software) into one vendor has established a PAM portfolio unsurpassed in depth and breadth that excels across all three pillars of the PAM market:managing privileged credentials, removing admin privileges on endpoints, and securing remote access.

“Password Safe integrates with BeyondTrust’s BeyondInsight IT Risk Management platform to offer comprehensive logging, auditing, reporting and threat analytics capabilities across the BeyondTrust PAM products,” the report states. When Password Safe is combined with BeyondTrust’s Vulnerability Management product it “allows for asset and account discovery, profiling and classification of known and unknown assets such as shared and service accounts, SSH keys, PKI certificates and other credentials across an organization’s IT infrastructure.” And integrations with other products from BeyondTrust, such as Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows/Mac and Unix/Linux provides “a comprehensive and well-integrated PAM platform.”

Get the KuppingerCole Report

There’s much more to be found in the full version of the KuppingerCole report Executive View: BeyondTrust Password Safe. BeyondTrust is pleased to offer a complimentary copy of the paper. Download it now to read:

  • An overview of the privilege management market and elements of a successful PAM solution
  • The key challenges that drive the need for privilege management
  • A detailed description of Password Safe features and product integrations
  • Future plans for Password Safe
  • An assessment of Password Safe’s strengths and challenges