Vulnerability Management for Dynamic IT Environments

Highlighted Vulnerability Management Features

Compliance Reporting

Simplify compliance reporting for COBIT, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO-27002, ITIL, MASS 201, NERC-FERC, NIST, PCI, SOX, and many more government and industry mandates with pre-built templates. Centralized reporting and an integrated data warehouse provides long term-trending, analytics and reporting for simple monitoring and streamlined regulatory compliance.

Configuration Benchmark Scanning

Streamline auditing and reporting against industry configuration guidelines and best practices with integrated templates for operating systems and applications from FDCC, NIST, STIGS, USGCB, CIS, and Microsoft. Audit configurations against internal policies, industry regulations, or recommended best practices.

Efficient and Effective Patch Management

Close the loop on vulnerabilities by providing seamless patching for Microsoft and third-party applications. Integrated, automated and agentless, the solution improves the efficiency and effectiveness of patch processes. Reduce the effort and expense by leveraging your existing WSUS or SCCM infrastructure for non-MSFT applications.

Key Benefits

"What's on my network?"

Today’s IT infrastructures are complex, with a mix of in-house physical and virtual systems, cloud-based environments, BYOD and a honeypot of networks derived from mergers and acquisitions. You may not know what is actually plugged into your networks and where the risks are. With agentless and optional agent technology, BeyondTrust can discover and assess all enterprise assets regardless of network complexity or device type.

No more massive reports

Vulnerability reports can be overwhelming. Retina CS delivers unmatched reporting and analytics to help organizations quickly understand their risk and properly prioritize remediation efforts. The solution also includes BeyondInsight threat analytics capabilities that help identify anomalies associated with security risks, often buried and missed, within large volumes of scan data.

Prioritize remediation

Any vulnerability management tool can scan and produce a data dump of found vulnerabilities. Few extend beyond that silo to correlate vulnerable applications to those that are actually being used, on what systems and by what users. BeyondTrust provides this additional value, enabling organizations to focus their remediation efforts on applications that pose a higher risk as they are actively being used vs. those that may be part of a standard company image but seldom or never used.

Make auditors happy

Retina CS helps organizations identify, assess and manage IT risks associated with PCI, HIPPA, SOX, GLBA and several other compliance mandates. The solution makes it simple to demonstrate compliance via enumerated data mapping and automated report generation. Retina CS also provides compliance-driven dashboards to make it easy to respond to compliance violations.

Flexible Deployment Options

BeyondTrust solutions can be deployed on premise via software or hardware appliance, or hosted in the cloud through services including Amazon Web Services and Azure Marketplace.

Common Criteria Certified

Common Criteria is an internationally recognized set of guidelines created to insure a high and consistent standard for evaluating information security products. You can have confidence in the security of the products that have earned this certification through extensive independent lab evaluations, and avoid the cost and complexity of additional testing. Retina CS has earned Common Criteria Certification under an Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL)2+.

Quote Image

“Thanks to Retina, we’ve moved from a reactive security approach to a proactive security approach.”​​

Chief Information Officer, Gonzaga University