Remove admin rights from users and systems

A recent study states that 88% of all critical vulnerabilities over the last five years could have been mitigated by removing admin rights [Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2017]. Endpoint Privilege Management capabilities enable millions of users to work productively without admin rights. This security technology combines privilege management and application control in a single agent, making admin rights removal simple and scalable across desktops and servers.

The solution enables organizations to meet least privilege and identity and access management guidelines by removing user admin privileges and whitelisting trusted applications, while eliminating the possibility of malware installation and use of unauthorized apps - meaning breaches can be prevented without hindering user productivity.

Dramatically Reduce Cyber Risk

Enforce least privilege to prevent threat actors from gaining a foothold in your network and moving laterally.

Boost Operational Performance and Uptime

Control shadow IT and prevent unauthorized system and software changes.

Minimize Endpoint Management Burden

Reduce IT Help Desk volume for requests to install software or handle malware issues.

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