Help desks today are under constant pressure to do more with less. Between the growing number of devices and dispersed workforces, it’s a never-ending challenge for support teams to keep up. Often, we hear about organizations using multiple different tools for supporting users and systems, which adds complexity and security challenges. Additionally, there are countless other systems required to manage other aspects of the business that support teams are also responsible for (Active Directory, CRM, etc.).

What is the silver lining to this challenge? Bomgar Remote Support!

Bomgar seamlessly integrates with external directories, like LDAP, Active Directory and RADIUS and SAML so you can manage users, groups, multi-factor systems and permissions using existing administrative processes.  You can also easily manage unattended access to hundreds or thousands of systems as your IT infrastructure grows, and create mass installer packages for both the Representative Console and unattended endpoints. As your organization expands – Bomgar expands with you!

In addition, support team leaders can drive team productivity within the helpdesk, regardless of size.  Here’s just a few features that can help your technicians work more efficiently:

Bomgar Chat – add secure chat support to your website or mobile app. When you need to do more than that, just elevate from chat to screen sharing or remote control.

Canned Scripts – use scripts to run patches or installers on remote desktops and servers. Select the appropriate script from a list and run it through our command interface.

Escalation and Collaboration – engage highlight skilled technicians cost effectively. With Bomgar, skilled staff can engage with critical support requests instantly and remotely.