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Efficiently determine suitable access and appropriate privilege use

The integration of BeyondTrust’s Privileged Access Management Platform with SailPoint's Predictive Identity enables enterprises to successfully track, manage and secure all identities across their environment.

“As a leading systems integrator of BeyondTrust and SailPoint we're delighted that this integration is available because it's a key goal of ours to offer clients a broad identity platform."

Mike Wyatt, Identity solutions leader for cyber risk services and principal in Deloitte & Touche L.L.P.

Password Safe + Predictive Identity

BeyondTrust’s Password Safe integrates with the SailPoint Predictive Identity Platform (IdentityIQ & IdentityNow), enabling organizations to effectively manage user access for both privileged and non-privileged accounts. IT organizations get full visibility into not only role assignments and user access but also all ongoing users and ongoing role changes. When changing roles, adding and removing access is provided to ensure the right person has the right access at all times to increase security and reduce risks.

The integrated solution combines BeyondTrust Password Safe’s strong controls for privileged accounts, including credential vaulting, credential rotation, session monitoring, session control and session record/playback, with SailPoint’s life cycle management of identity governance, including account and entitlement provisioning and deprovisioning, access request approvals and workflow, access certification and separation of duties policy enforcement.

SCIM Certified with SailPoint

SCIM-Based integration ensures the automated exchange of user identity information between systems

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) API built into the SailPoint IdentityIQ & IdetityNow PAM Modules allows privileged account vaults and associated entitlements to be visible and managed throughout the identity governance process.

This allows the automated provisioning of privileged accounts to new end users who require them based on their job function, group membership, or business role, and allows managers to recertify or remove privileged accounts on a periodic and/or event-driven basis.

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