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Featuring Independent IT Consultant and Author of "Least Privilege Security for Windows 7, Vista and XP (Packt)", Russell Smith

Can you clearly and quickly identify exactly who is doing what across your Windows servers? Can you granularly audit and report on events across all your privileged accounts? As IT environments grow more complex, the ability to pinpoint changes—and identify how they happened—has become essential in order to support the security, business continuity, and compliance missions of organizations. But what events should you be tracking in the first place and why?

Tune into this webinar with Windows Security Expert and MCSE, Russell Smith, to learn:

  • The types of Windows events you should be tracking (account creation, security services disabled, RDP-enabled, etc.)
  • What kind of information is recorded in Windows Event Logs—and why they should be monitored
  • How to view Windows Event Logs
  • How to set up Event Log subscriptions so you have better monitoring across your Windows environments