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Featuring guest speaker, hacker, Unix/Linux expert, Co-Founder and CTO of InGuardians, Jay Beale

Jay Beale is back with another in his popular Linux Attack and Defense demo series. For episode 007, tune in as Jay hacks and then defends a James Bond-themed capture the flag machine called “Moonraker.” Jay will chain exploits together to attack the machine, blowing up the evil 1979-imagined space station. You will learn:

  • The steps (including vulnerability exploitation, lateral movement, and privilege exploitation) an attacker leverages to reach their end goal
  • How to break the attack path using Linux fu
  • Multiple ways to harden your own cyber defenses

Then, download the vulnerable system, and practice for yourself!

Don’t miss this fun and hands-on webinar that will have you traversing cyberspace—and outer space!