Featuring AD Auditing Expert and Managing Partner and Principal Consultant at Security Architects Partners, Dan Blum

As IT environments become more complex, Active Directory systems become more vulnerable to misconfiguration and other oversights that leave the organization highly vulnerable to a devastating compromise. Unless we can rapidly home in on external cyberattackers or rogue domain administrators moving laterally into the AD environment and escalating their privileges, disaster could strike.

In this webinar, Security Architects Partners Principal Consultant Dan Blum will cover:

  • Why AD presents a target-rich environment
  • Common AD attack vectors
  • Strong security policies and practices that enhance AD protection
  • How to identify and fix security gaps through an effective AD audit

If you have concerns that you may be overlooking cyber threats to your Active Directory environment, don’t miss this webinar!

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Dan Blum

Managing Partner and Principal Consultant at Security Architects Partners

An internationally-recognized expert in security, privacy, cloud computing, and identity management, Dan Blum leads and delivers consulting projects such as: cloud security and privacy assessments, security program assessments, risk management framework reviews, and identity management architectures.

Formerly a Golden Quill award-winning VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, Mr. Blum holds CISSP and Open FAIR certifications. He has participated in industry groups such as ISACA, FAIR Institute, the CSA, IDPRO, Kantara Initiative, and others.