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Mitigate Cyber Risk With Integrated Credential Security

Service desk technicians are often required to use admin credentials with elevated privileges to resolve support issues. Although compromised privileged account credentials are a common target for hackers, credential management best practices are often secondary to the need to resolve issues quickly, with many service desk teams sharing and storing credentials in plain text. BeyondTrust Vault for Remote Support mitigates the threats in your service desk related to stolen credentials and passwords.

Vault Capabilities and Features

The BeyondTrust Vault, included as part of Remote Support, enables your service desk to not only be more secure, but also more productive.

Increase Productivity With Credential Injection

BeyondTrust Vault fits seamlessly with your service desk workflow. Vault is integrated directly with the Remote Support solution so your technicians don’t have to learn to use another tool or even exit BeyondTrust to retrieve passwords. With just one click of the Key icon, right in the BeyondTrust Console, users simply select the correct credential from the drop down list to log into the remote system, without ever having to know or see the actual passwords.

Discover Your Unsecured Privileged Accounts for Free

Download the BeyondTrust Discovery Tool for free and see how many vulnerable accounts are on your network.