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Record Every Remote Support Session

Detailed reports of support activity are helpful when you’re analyzing support activity in aggregate, but sometimes you need to analyze what happened in a particular support session. BeyondTrust’s session recording feature lets you:

  • Record videos of each incident
  • Form a detailed audit trail
  • Provide material for session analysis and training

Added Detail for your Audit Trail

Once you enable session recording in BeyondTrust, you can see videos of support sessions annotated with details from the support session - including who is controlling the mouse and keyboard at any given time during the support session. You can fast forward or jump to points in the recorded videos.

All recordings are stored for 90 days on the BeyondTrust appliance and can be viewed in the administrative interface. In addition, you can export .M4V files and store the support session videos in external databases.

Use the Support Session Report to download recordings of remote support and show my screen sessions

What Does BeyondTrust Record?

  • Support Sessions Videos - Record and view individual support sessions, including annotation of who was in control of the mouse and keyboard at any given point during the session.
  • Command Shell Videos - Record and view all command shells run during support sessions.
  • Training Videos - Record and view videos of training sessions and presentations.

Conform Session Recording Policies to Your Customers’ Needs

With BeyondTrust, you can create multiple support portals for the various customer groups or products you support. Since not every customer has the same needs when it comes to session recordings, you can set both default and portal-specific options for session recordings. You can also display a prompt to customers that lets them allow or refuse session recordings.

Make Support Session Videos Available to Customers & Reps

While session recording videos may serve to augment your support organization's audit evidence, there are some additional uses for these videos:

  • Share Recordings with Customers - Many customer support issues happen repeatedly, so BeyondTrust administrators often provide a copy of the video recording to customers - along with a chat transcript - at the end of a support session.
  • Include Recordings in the Incident Record - Since BeyondTrust also integrates with CRM and ticketing solutions, you can add a link to the session recordings into their help desk ticket. If the customer returns with the same issue, a support rep can open the previous help desk ticket and view the video, read the chat transcript and review the session notes made by the previous rep. Knowing what happened in the previous remote support session can help the rep speed up resolution for your customer.