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Detailed Reports on Every Remote Support Session

BeyondTrust's robust logging and recording capabilities capture exhaustive details about support sessions and give administrators comprehensive visibility into support activity. This transparency is critical when regulatory compliance is a concern.

With BeyondTrust, administrators can easily generate activity reports on support and training sessions for specific time periods that can be viewed online or downloaded.

  • Automated record of every support session
  • Chat transcripts and file transfer details
  • System-info and IP information

With BeyondTrust's reports and session recordings, administrators can know who was in control and who performed which actions during support sessions.

With BeyondTrust Analytics, administrators and privileged users can generate broad, comprehensive reports and also apply specific filtering to customize reported information based on clear-cut needs on an ad-hoc basis. When using the BeyondTrust Integration Client, administrators can perform in-depth "what if" analysis of audit data when it is saved to a SQL server.

BeyondTrust's logging and recording capabilities capture extensive detail about support sessions and give administrators critical visibility into support activity. Filter reports using various parameters, and export reports to CSV files.