Improve Remote Access Productivity without Exposing Credentials

Credential Injection enables users to authenticate or elevate privileges to remote desktops and systems through the BeyondTrust console.

Credential Injection gives users the system access they need without revealing plain text credentials and passwords, which are commonly phished.

Users simply select from a list of credentials that have privileges on the systems they’re approved to access.

Credential Injection enables your support organization to:

  • Eliminate the need to store and track shared credentials manually
  • Improve productivity and time to resolution by streamlining access to shared passwords - no more sticky notes!
  • Mask plain text credentials and passwords from technicians so they can’t be phished or stolen
  • Eliminate a very common and profitable attack pathway for hackers

Credential Injection Works With Many Types of Accounts

  • Windows Domain Accounts
  • Local Windows Account
  • Website Accounts
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • Linux
  • SSH Keys
  • Cisco
  • MySQL
  • Telnet
  • Mac
  • IaaS account (Privileged Access Only)
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