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Simplify Privileged Identity Management of Credentials and Reduce Cyber Breach Risk

Highlighted Features

Discover Your Unsecured Privileged Accounts Free!

Download the BeyondTrust Discovery Tool for free and see how many vulnerable accounts are on your network.

Secure and Manage Passwords for All Your Privileged Users

Whether a vendor, database admin or network admin, or a privileged insider, Bomgar Privileged Identity securely stores credentials and facilitates nearly any level of access to systems within your network.

Super-user login accounts utilized by individuals to change configuration settings, run programs and perform other IT administrative duties.

Service accounts that require privileged login IDs and passwords to run, with dependencies across systems in numerous locations.

Application credentials used by web services, line-of-business applications and custom software to connect to databases, middleware and more.

SSH Keys that never expire and are widespread throughout your infrastructure.

Cloud identities on a wide range of platforms including Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Amazon AWS, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace and Force.com.