Amplify Password Safe Protection, Then Go Beyond

BeyondTrust Password Safe empowers you with essential control over privileged accounts, secrets, and sessions. But threat actors are increasingly exploiting complex pathways and hidden identity vulnerabilities, such as Okta and Active Directory (AD) misconfigurations, beyond the reach of traditional identity management and security tools.

Identity Security Insights aggregates identity data from your environment and BeyondTrust solutions, including Password Safe, and layers on AI-based detection capabilities. It combines with Password Safe and other toolsets to identify and remediate risky security posture, unlocking powerful identity threat detection and response (ITDR) capabilities.

With this dynamic duo of Password Safe & Identity Security Insights, you can:

  • Gain comprehensive, cohesive visibility & control over your identity attack surface
  • Uncover risky accounts with paths to privilege & secure them with Password Safe
  • Pinpoint identity misconfigurations & accounts under attack
  • Leverage prescriptive intelligence to neutralize threats

Watch the video to learn more today!

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