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Unparalleled Visibility into Identities, Accounts, and Privileged Access

The explosion of human and machine identities, and the proliferation of new access paths to critical systems and data, has left most security teams with poor visibility into threats and other security exposures — until now.

BeyondTrust Identity Security Insights empowers security and IT teams with clear visibility into all identities, privileges, and access — revealing their exact impact on your security posture.

  • Gain one holistic view of identities and access across your multicloud and on-premises estate—from a single interface
  • Identify and remediate problematic overprivileged accounts and users, poor security controls, and suspicious activities
  • Detect and respond to events involving multiple identities and accounts

Identity Security Insights provides intelligent, actionable analytics any organization can leverage to immediately improve their security posture and eliminate potentially dangerous backdoors and weak spots.

When combined with rest of BeyondTrust's Privileged Access Management platform (PAM), organizations can unleash powerful synergies and identity threat detection and response (ITDR) capabilities.

Key Identity Security Insights Capabilities

Gain a Consolidated View of All Identities

Unify visibility of users, accounts, and privileges across your estate by leveraging correlated information from BeyondTrust solutions and leading identity providers, such as Okta and Azure Active Directory.

Identify over-privileged users, inactive and orphaned accounts, and partially revoked identities.

Gain a clear understanding of risk, including the potential reach and impact of each account and identity.

Apply the insights to right-size user entitlements and enforce the principle of least privilege (PoLP).

Detect Suspicious Activity from High-Risk Privileged Accounts

Quickly pinpoint and zero in on rogue accounts or compromised identities with Identity Security Detection.

Clearly view the accounts, privileges, and access associated with each identity.

Correlate information from BeyondTrust and third-party solutions to compose a comprehensive picture of identity-related risk.

Detect known attack techniques to quickly remediate activity from compromised identities.

Proactively Reduce Your Attack Surface

Don’t wait for hygiene issues to become security incidents.

Take action with guided recommendations, rated by importance, to ensure appropriate levels of identity and account access and the enforcement of least privilege.

Identify over-privileged or high-risk privileged accounts, and proactively remove unnecessary privileges before they are exploited by an attacker.

The Complete BeyondTrust Platform

Protect all identities, access, and endpoints across your entire environment.

The BeyondTrust solution portfolio is built to protect all identities, access, and endpoints across your entire environment. BeyondTrust products include:

Identity Security Insights ushers in a ground-breaking level of identity and threat intelligence to the portfolio and makes all BeyondTrust products and connected solutions significantly more powerful and intelligent.