Women in Security Networking Event: Surrounded by Real… | BeyondTrust

It is pretty clear that we have a smart new generation who understands how to get around computer systems — some are doing it just for fun, while others are doing it with a slightly more sinister intent! Let's stop here and sink in for a moment. Cybercrime is a very lucrative business not just because of the potential financial return, but because it’s quite easy to get away with it. Did you hear all these news stories about identity thieves? Why are hackers targeting those computers and not the others? Usually the hacker's goal is very simple: let's do whatever is possible. Our response should be: 'Do whatever you want but somewhere else!'.

During Paula's session you will learn:

  • How to recognize hacker’s presence
  • How to avoid a hacker's activities
  • How to stop blackmailing, phishing or the data breaches that litter the news sites nowadays

Enjoy the live-experience presentation with engaging stories and technical demos!

Following Paula's session, attendees will break into smaller networking groups where they will share their own experiences with hackers and ways to combat cybercrime. This event is meant to be interactive and a space where attendees can meet new people in the industry, share their own stories and champion each other to continue personal and professional growth and the battle against cyber threats.