Endpoint Privilege Management for McAfee ePO

Centralized management via the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and real-time intelligence from the McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and Data Exchange Layer, BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows ePO Edition offers a proactive approach to endpoint security by managing the removal of admin rights, achieving least privilege and reducing your attack surface overnight.

Benefits of Endpoint Privilege Management McAfee ePO

Leverage existing infrastructure

Integrating with your established McAfee ePO system means there’s no additional infrastructure investment and the single, lightweight agent makes for a more stable endpoint and reduced support costs.

Manage security needs in one location

With BeyondTrust managed in McAfee ePO, there is no need for multiple management platforms to manage IT security needs. ePO serves as the one central hub - for managing McAfee applications and BeyondTrust, as well as managing mixed Windows and Mac endpoints.

Work more efficiently

Managing user policies requires lots of time to manage. The integration between reporting and policy editing of BeyondTrust within ePO eliminates this complexity and allows you to work more efficiently by enabling you report on and understand the behavior of endpoints and manage policy accordingly.

Scalable: seamlessly grows as business grows

Despite offering unmatched capabilities, BeyondTrust starts simple and stays simple. Policy rules are flexible enough to meet the most complex business and security requirements while remaining easy to understand how they will affect outcomes for any user in any role.

Smart: leverages McAfee threat intelligence data

BeyondTrust is Data Exchange Layer (DXL)-ready and integrated with the McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE). Configuration changes are informed by TIE application reputation data, with BeyondTrust reporting available right inside the ePO console to drive risk-based policy adjustments.

How to Boost Productivity and Lower Risk through a Single Endpoint Privilege Management Console

Technical experts from McAfee and BeyondTrust come together in this webinar, where you’ll discover how to remove the dual privileged account model by utilizing endpoint privilege management.

Our experts will explain how to:

  • Transition to a single privileged account model to reduce costs   
  • Implement least privilege, increase user productivity, lower risk of cyber-attacks
  • Benefit from BeyondTrust + McAfee’s single console solution