Least Privilege and Application Control for Windows & Mac

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“With BeyondTrust I could navigate and discover assets, identify vulnerabilities, and most importantly lock down all applications to implement least privilege and remove all admin rights from users’ PCs.”

Michael Romious, Sr. Network Systems Admin, FFVA Mutual Insurance

Eliminate 81% of Microsoft Vulnerabilities

Get the 2019 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report for advice on mitigating vulnerabilities, and exclusive commentary from security experts.

Highlighted Endpoint Privilege Management Features

New Power Rules Speed Application Exception Handling

New! Use Power Rules to help speed decisions on whether to allow an application to run by automating the integration of third party intelligence sources.

Integrate Endpoint Security with Your Existing Environment

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) Edition: A fully integrated solution for removing admin rights

Featuring centralized management via the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and real-time intelligence from the McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and Data Exchange Layer, BeyondTrust offers a proactive approach to endpoint security by reducing your attack surface overnight.

Microsoft Group Policy Edition (GPO): Remove admin rights with existing Microsoft infrastructure

Deploy BeyondTrust into your existing Microsoft enterprise technology, with minimal new hardware requirements. Align with your existing enterprise change control processes for endpoint configuration and deliver policy based on Active Directory groups and organizational units with extensive auditing and reporting on endpoint activities.

Endpoint Privilege Management for Desktops

Control Access to Applications Based on Risk Profile

IT security admins must ensure there are no known associated risks before allowing a trusted application to run. Using patent-pending technology, BeyondTrust enables grey listing based on regulatory compliance and the associated vulnerabilities with an application.

Limit Baseline / Image Drift

When users can change settings or self-install software, it compromises the baseline configuration settings, and leads to more work for the help desk and lost productivity for the user. BeyondTrust ensures that only approved tasks can be launched. This dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to re-image problem machines.

Enable Efficient & Secure Run-as Access to Applications

Through its integration with Password Safe, Privilege Management for Desktops provides run-as access to applications in a completely automated manner, matching credentials and providing access without exposing credentials to the end user.