Gartner Market Guide for Privileged Access Management

Morey Haber, Chief Technology Officer
August 23rd, 2017

Gartner PAM Market Guide

Gartner Market Guide for Privileged Access Management (PAM) is now available. Gartner has reviewed 24 PAM vendors and mapped their capabilities to PAM requirements.

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Why does this matter to you?

This report is yet another independently-written validation that the security and operations communities want a complete solution, and not just a collection of point products. Consider that BeyondTrust is:

  • A complete PAM solution—and without gouging customers on price, or requiring multiple components in a complex deployment
  • We have a purpose-built as an enterprise solution, not an SMB-only tool trying to move up market
  • We provide privileged access management as software, a physical appliance, a virtual appliance, and on all three leading cloud marketplaces (Amazon AWSMicrosoft Azure and Google)
  • We cover all major platforms (minus IBM z/OS – which is experiencing dwindling market share and new adoption) including Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac OS, plus Infrastructure Devices and IoT

We believe BeyondTrust is not only the PAM leader due to these facts, but we have been delivering privileged access management solutions since 1985. On Unix and Linux, there truly is no other competitor with the depth, coverage, and experience in managing privileges and eliminating sudo.

We challenge any organization looking for a best-of-breed privileged access management component like enterprise password management or privilege management to consider BeyondTrust. Sooner or later you will need additional platform coverage, additional features, or another component, like Active Directory bridge. Managing administrative rights and removing privileges is the only reliable way to stop insider privilege abuse and misuse, and is a key defense against sophisticated, modern threats such as ransomware. If you select a competitor, you will be limited in your expansion capabilities and probably end up trying to stitch multiple vendor point tools together to solve the same problem you can solve with a single, modular platform. We can do all of this for you in one platform.

What’s next?

We are continuing to develop the most advanced privileged access management platform with patented features to ensure that your privileged accounts are protected and accounted for regardless of how they are used. Our relentless customer focus drives our culture of innovation.

As for our future, next year we will be “hitting the cycle” and continue to prove our leadership position. We recognize the threat landscape is changing, privileges will always be important for the foreseeable future (even if passwords are replaced with other authentication technology), and that organizations around the world need a single vendor to solve privileged access management problems regardless of user location, on premise platform or in the cloud, and for any application. BeyondTrust can do all of this for you.

We’re proud to be named a represented vendor in the PAM market. If you are a BeyondTrust customer, know that you have invested in what we believe is the market leader. If you are a prospective customer, know that we deliver the only truly integrated PAM platform. If you would like to learn more, or schedule a demo to see these capabilities, contact us today.

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Morey Haber, Chief Technology Officer

With more than 20 years of IT industry experience and author of Privileged Attack Vectors, Mr. Haber joined BeyondTrust in 2012 as a part of the eEye Digital Security acquisition. He currently oversees BeyondTrust technology for both vulnerability and privileged access management solutions. In 2004, Mr. Haber joined eEye as the Director of Security Engineering and was responsible for strategic business discussions and vulnerability management architectures in Fortune 500 clients. Prior to eEye, he was a Development Manager for Computer Associates, Inc. (CA), responsible for new product beta cycles and named customer accounts. Mr. Haber began his career as a Reliability and Maintainability Engineer for a government contractor building flight and training simulators. He earned a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.