Over the past two months, BeyondTrust hosted three partner summits across the globe, starting with our APJ Partner Summit on Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines, then our EMEIA Partner Summit in Edinburgh, Scotland, and wrapping up with our Americas Partner Summit in Napa Valley, California. Each summit assembled technology and channel partners (GSIs, VARs, MSPs, MSSPs, etc.), special guests, and BeyondTrust executives and team members representing diverse functional areas.

These summits packed in substantive content across 3-4 days. Sessions featured keynotes from BeyondTrust CEO Matt Dircks, product roadmap and threat landscape sessions from BeyondTrust security leaders, panel discussions featuring customers and partners, go-to-market sessions from BT sales and marketing executives, insights from renowned IT security guest speakers, and practical training workshops. The events also gave partners time to network and participate in social events that reflected the uniqueness of each location.

The BeyondTrust 2019 Partner Summits – at-a-glance

While each event had its own highlights and regional flavor, some core themes resonated globally. For those who did not attend the summit, 3 key takeaways for attendees were:

1. There’s a massive and rapidly growing opportunity in the Privileged Access Management (PAM) market—privileged access management is now one of the highest-priority security technologies organizations are looking to implement and mature

2. BeyondTrust offers the broadest, best-in-class PAM solution portfolio. Unquestionably.

3. BeyondTrust is a partner-first organization. Enabling and supporting our partners is the keystone of our go-to-market strategy.

Partner-First: Taking Our Partner Enablement & Alignment to the Next Level

The fusion or splitting of companies—just as with atoms, generally introduces at least a minimum of disruption, along with the release of tremendous amounts of energy. Sometimes, this disruption has negative consequences for an organization’s partners in terms of uncertainties around strategic vision and product roadmaps, mis-alignment in go-forward strategy, and/or inability to properly execute. Other times, disruption can break down previous barriers, and that tremendous energy can be harnessed and focused to blaze a trajectory that promises immensely greater success.

The merging of four companies—Avecto, BeyondTrust, Bomgar, and Lieberman Software—gives us the BeyondTrust of today—a company with the depth and breadth of integrated, category-leading technologies that is unsurpassed in the PAM space. Likewise, this merger forged a broader, deeper, and more geographically diverse channel and assembly of technology partner relationships than any of the four companies enjoyed independently. The Partner Summits marked a turning point in BeyondTrust’s evolution from an increasingly “partner-friendly” company into an emphatically “partner-first” cybersecurity enterprise.

As we heard from partner after partner—the call for vendor and tool consolidation only grows more pressing. BeyondTrust is the PAM vendor best poised to address this call.

With the BeyondTrust PAM platform organizations can:

  • Discover, onboard, and securely manage privileged credentials—for human and non-human accounts across diverse IT environments.
  • Manage and monitor privileged sessions, and audit and report on all privileged activities.
  • Control privilege elevation and delegation, and enforce least privilege across all endpoints (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux), network devices, etc.
  • Extend PAM best practices to vendors and remote employees
  • Apply real-time vulnerability data to privileged access decisions (such as not allowing privilege elevation for an unpatched application, an application with a hardcoded password, or for an account with a potentially compromised credential).

Only a select few vendors can lay claim to offering the first three capabilities on this shortlist of core PAM technologies. The list dwindles down even further when counting vendors who can provide these capabilities across as many different environments as we do--Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, cloud, on-prem environments, etc. And, when it comes to #4 (privileged remote access security) and #5 (vulnerability-based application management), our closest competitors are only recently starting to play catch up in building these capabilities.

BeyondTrust is the only organization recognized by top-tier analysts as a leader in both PAM and vulnerability management. Only BeyondTrust provides solutions for numbers 1 through 5 that are fully mature today, and we continue to drive toward improvements that make the solutions more powerful and easier to use, while deepening our partner technology integrations to unlock more value from important synergies. No other PAM platform consolidates as many core privilege management and threat analytics capabilities within an extensible, centrally managed platform that allows you to roll out a complete set of PAM capabilities at once, or phase in capabilities over time at your own pace to mature your privileged access security.

Going Forward Together

Unquestionably, the PAM market opportunity is here, and our products are best-in-class, but capitalizing on this opportunity and accelerating growth requires a partner-first approach and smart investments in the channel and technology integrations. Some of these investments, in the form of new, channel-dedicated boots on the ground, were visible at the summits—a presence we heard audibly welcomed by our partners.

While BeyondTrust is focused on having the best channel, that doesn’t necessarily mean having the biggest channel. We aim to enable and foster an ecosystem of partners who complement each other, with each delivering excellence across various focus areas and regions. Ultimately, we all want to see customers be successful with BeyondTrust privileged access management solutions—which is why we also place a strong emphasis on partner training and certification.

As BeyondTrust CEO, Matt Dircks, neatly summed-up at his Americas Summit keynote — “Our partners are already helping us drive wins as measured by customer success, market share growth, and leadership recognition from the top-tier analysts. Our vision is winning, and the future looks even better.”

While the progress on BeyondTrust/partner alignment felt palpable at each of the summits, we are striving to build on that momentum. BeyondTrust is focused on being the best organization to partner with in the industry, and we are working diligently with our partners to ensure mutual success through 2019 and beyond.

Together, we will revolutionize the way the world secures and manages privileged access!

BeyondTrust Partner 2018 Award Winners

BeyondTrust is thankful to have such a dedicated team of partners, many who took time out of their busy schedules to travel and meet with us during the summits. The collective feeling was that the time was well spent, and that the summits were extremely constructive in helping us align and go forward with one vision.

At each of our three partner summits, we recognized exceptional partners who contributed the most to BeyondTrust in 2018. In parting, we’d like to recognize those award winners one more time by region:


  • Partner of the Year, Americas – Optiv
  • Technology Alliance Partner of the Year, Americas – McAfee
  • System Integrator of the Year, Americas – Deloitte
  • Implementation Partner of the Year, Americas – XMS
  • Regional Channel Partner of the Year, North America – Optiv
  • Regional Channel Partner of the Year, Canada – Scalar
  • Regional Channel Partner of the Year, Latin America – Netconn
  • Emerging Channel Partner of the Year, Latin America – Pretorian
  • Emerging Channel Partner of the Year – GoSecure
  • Emerging Channel Partner of the Year, North America – Alchemy
  • Implementation Engineer of the Year, Americas – Michael Fleming


  • Distributor of the Year, EMEIA – MIEL
  • Regional Reseller of the Year, EMEIA – Gruppo DaMan
  • Regional Reseller of the Year, UKI/Benelux/Nordics – Bitsiel
  • Regional Reseller of Year, DACH – N3K
  • Regional Reseller of the Year, Southern Europe – Gruppo DaMan
  • Regional Reseller of the Year, Eastern Europe – EMS Partner
  • Regional Reseller of the Year, Middle East – Innovative Solutions
  • Regional Reseller of the Year, Africa – Puleng
  • Product Manager of the Year (Distributor), EMEIA – Joaquín Malo de Molina
  • Partner Salesperson of the Year, EMEIA – Onur Özbaş


  • Partner of The Year, Australia & New Zealand – Identity Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
  • Partner of The Year, North Asia – Kernel ITC Inc
  • Partner of The Year, South East Asia – British Telecom Global Solutions Pte Ltd
  • Emerging Reseller of The Year – Impact Business Solutions Sdn Bhd
  • Reseller of The Year – British Telecom Global Solutions Pte Ltd
  • Distributor of The Year – BizHub Co Ltd
  • Engineer of The Year – Kelvin Lou, iTrustech Pte Ltd
  • Sales Person of The Year – John Crawford, Packet Technologies Ltd
  • Product Manager of The Year – Mark Huang, SecureCraft Pte Ltd
  • Outstanding Individual Performance of The Year – John Hwang, BizHub Co Ltd

If you’d like to learn more about the BeyondTrust Partner Program, please visit our partner page.