BeyondTrust has released version 4.0 of PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite, our solution for centralized real-time change auditing for Active Directory, File Servers, Exchange, and SQL, and recovery of Active Directory objects or attributes. This new release features some exciting enhancements – especially a new web console, deeper GPO auditing, and the addition of NetApp auditing. Read on for more. PBMS_ArchitectureWeb Console for Increased Usability In prior releases, customers have managed multiple products in the suite with a traditional Windows application interface. Although standard, it lacked good GUI capability to implement standard policies across products. Now, to improve usability and simplify management, PowerBroker Management Suite version 4.0 unites products in the suite through a web console. The web console serves as a dashboard that enables admins and other users to perform management and enforce policy across their PowerBroker Management Suite deployment. This provides an advantage over other, smaller, tools providers in the market as well. Deeper GPO Auditing for Change Management Reduces Risk Auditing GPO changes is essential to uncovering potential risks – or preventing mistakes from causing further harm. In PowerBroker Management Suite version 4.0, customers now have the ability to see before and after values in a GPO change, and identify specifically what changed in the GPO itself. This new capability adds greater depth to auditing and can help reduce the risk of potentially damaging changes. Additional Translation of Events and Changes Identifies Potential Problems Faster Reviewing native logs to find the details of a specific change is like searching for a needle in a haystack. PowerBroker Management Suite simplifies this effort greatly by translating events into plain language. New detailed auditing in version 4.0 provides greater depth in translating events involving user accounts, logon hours, remote access setting, and terminal service settings. A simpler view of events helps to more quickly resolve potential problems and limits exposure and risk. Addition of NetApp Auditing NetApp filers have long been a critical component of enterprise’s storage, archiving and data management strategies. In fact, data can be among an organization’s most valuable assets so it should be protect wherever it is located. PowerBroker Management Suite version 4.0 now features NetApp auditing with PowerBroker Auditor for File Systems which helps ensure the security, compliance and control of NetApp files and folders by auditing, reporting and alerting on all changes in real time. Specific attributes audited include file create, delete, update, and modify. Check out the new features document for a complete rundown of new features and capabilities, and if you would like to learn more about PowerBroker Management Suite, let us know.