BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management elevates privileges as needed to known, trusted applications, controls application usage, and logs and reports on privileged activities. With the BeyondTrust solution, you can Implement essential zero trust endpoint security controls and drive towards a zero standing privileges (ZSP) posture.

  • Provide users with only the endpoint privilege access necessary to complete their tasks.
  • Define policies and provision just-enough privileges, just-in-time access to condense the attack surface and the windows of threat exposure across cloud and on-premises environments.
  • Address specific compliance regulations and cyber insurance qualification requirements

"BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management is a comprehensive tool that is also far better than alternative solutions we assessed in terms of implementation and professional support. Competitor solutions were bulky and had difficult processes to set up and apply. BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management seamlessly integrated with our internal process and created an exceptional outcome. "

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"Partnering with BeyondTrust has saved my IT teams and our end users tremendous amounts of time. By putting rules in place and saying, “We trust you to install and update these applications on your own,” we give our users more control over their IT needs while freeing ourselves to work on more important IT improvement projects."

—Stephen Kies, Endpoint Services Director, Global Aerospace & Defense Company

"Later on we introduced BeyondTrust’s Trusted Application Protection capability, which is part of their Endpoint Privilege Management solution. This powerful feature protects us against fileless threats that use approved applications to slip by our defenses."

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Least Privilege Enforcement
Elevate standard users' privileges to applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux through fine-grained policy-based controls, granting just enough access to complete tasks.
Seamless Integration
Built-in connectors integrate seamlessly into trusted help desk/ITSM applications, vulnerability management scanners, and SIEM tools.
Endpoint Security Analytics & Auditing
Correlate user behavior with security intelligence to access a complete audit trail of all user activity, speeding up forensics and simplifying compliance.
Unified Protection
Ensure a seamless experience across your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoint and server environments.
Enforce least privilege, prevent malware, and more across Windows and macOS endpoints.
Achieve compliance, enforce least privilege, and more across Linux environments.

Why does BeyondTrust lead the way in customer retention? The best way to find out is to hear from real BeyondTrust users. Here's a sampling of BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management customer reviews, vetted on the Gartner® Peer Insights™ platform.

Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) is a solution used to elevate and delegate privileged access for users in adherence to a least privilege access model. Instead of giving administrative rights to employee, third-party, and vendor users whenever privilege is requested, privileges are elevated for applications to execute specific activities, and only within the proper context and for the finite moments needed. This substantially shrinks the attack surface and enables users to work productively— without unduly exposing the organization to risk.

Gain in-depth understanding into how endpoint privilege management works, its key benefits, and how to operationalize it fast to make leaps in risk reduction.

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