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“Removing admin rights is one of the most basic, yet powerful and protective, measures an organization can take.”

Jane Frankland – Founder of the IN Security Movement

However, today the balance between access and security need not come with painful tradeoffs, and should be within any organization’s reach. Donald Hasson, our Vice President of Product Management, says “BeyondTrust’s Endpoint Privilege Management solutions allow organizations to elevate privileges to applications, not users. This seamless elevation maintains user productivity without compromising security.” Many of the customer stories on our website also serve as a testament to this balance.

With BeyondTrust, you can exert granular control over access to applications, tasks, and scripts in a way that makes this balance seamless, and the security invisible to the end user. Our privileged access management solutions (including Endpoint Privilege Management) deploy quickly and easily for fast user adoption and immediate achievement of least privilege enforcement.

The Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report reinforces the importance of establishing and enforcing least privilege, as well as applying patches in a timely manner. With an ever-increasing and evolving attack surface from expansion of cloud deployments, a sharp increase in remote access sessions, and other digital transformation initiatives, efficiently managing their privilege universe is becoming a must-win battle for organizations.

Download the full Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report today for more insight, a detailed breakdown of the stats, and exclusive commentary from cybersecurity experts and thought leaders.

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Jonathan Clarke, Content Marketing Manager

With a Master's Degree in English Language and Media, Jonathan has a genuine passion for producing compelling and thoroughly researched cybersecurity content. Coupled with a B2B agency background, he is adaptable to a wide range of industry topics, and also looks after BeyondTrust's Public Relations and social media channels. A huge animal lover, he is the proud 'father' of Simba, a very hyperactive German Shepherd dog.