Remote access risks are a leading cause of security and data breaches. The threat alone can also make organizations reluctant to embrace growth opportunities and new technologies. At BeyondTrust we recognize this risk, which is why we develop market-leading solutions that enable IT and other end users do their jobs securely, so organizations aren’t held back in seeking to take advantage of new technologies or growth opportunities.

One of our long-time partners, Avansis, collaborated with the Spanish subsidiary of the French spirits brand, Pernod Ricard, to ensure that they were able to securely and efficiently scale their business and infrastructure using our Remote Support solution, which is the leading solution for enterprises to securely access and support any device or system.

Founded in 1975, Pernod Ricard is one of the world’s leading wine and spirits brands, and includes international brands such as Ballantine’s, Chivas Regal, Habana Club, and Beefeater. In Spain, the company has more than 480 employees, 2 production centers, 2 administrative offices, 8 regional offices, and a logistics center.

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"The [BeyondTrust] solution has helped us reduce our incident resolution time. This has led to improved quality of service and a better user experience."

Daniel Pontones, Service Delivery and Support Manager, Pernod Ricard Spain

Pernod Ricard Spain's Remote Support Use Cases

Pernod Ricard Spain desired to improve remote support and IT maintenance within its infrastructure so it could continue to scale its business innovation and digital strategy across the globe, while maintaining strong security standards.

Pernod Ricard Spain identified the business challenges they wanted to address and the capabilities they required of an enterprise remote access solution. The solution needed to:

  • Help solve incidents in an agile and secure way
  • Optimize compliance, operations, and sales
  • Operate across multiple mobile devices, often from remote locations
  • Integrate with Windows Active Directory for a more agile and efficient deployment
  • Be secure, have encrypted connections, enable audit control, and allow session recording
  • Comply with GDPR

How BeyondTrust Remote Support Addressed Pernod Ricard Spain’s Needs

Avansis collaborated with Pernod Ricard Spain in the implementation of BeyondTrust’s Remote Support solution. Avansis—an IT outsourcing provider offering managed IT services, managed security services, and more—has been a BeyondTrust partner for more than 5 years. Through this long-standing relationship, they collaborated with Pernod Ricard Spain and configured BeyondTrust’s Remote Support solution to fully control and encrypt connections, ensuring strong access control, authentication, and auditing.

With the BeyondTrust solution, Pernod Ricard Spain can now manage users, teams, roles, and session permissions in a streamlined way to strengthen their security policies. The local Pernod Ricard IT team can wield remote control capabilities over any device, server, or smartphone. Additionally, end users can share their screen and receive remote support at any time and from anywhere.

BeyondTrust Remote Support works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome operating systems, allowing customers to access any remote device from anywhere in the world without the need of a VPN. You can secure your connections at the highest level and access with the safest remote support in the world thanks to the encryption of the connection.

Lastly, BeyondTrust Remote Support offers full control of audits – allowing you to record all the activity of the sessions and have real-time reporting.

Our IT team now has more visibility over the teams and can even solve requests collaboratively. With BeyondTrust, we now have a versatile and functional solution, which has enabled us to create a single channel of communication with our users. It has helped us achieve control of our workflows in a secure and efficient manner.” - Daniel Pontones, Service Delivery and Support Manager, Pernod Ricard Spain

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